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  1. therealtate


    people believe this type of garbage?
  2. therealtate

    Anyone on vine yet ?

    i recommend not following any females on vine it gets annoying as f___. they high pitched voices forced upon you over and over is no good.... :{
  3. therealtate

    Mysterious Disappearance of the McStay Family

    I scared now :rolleyes
  4. therealtate

    Would you wear this shirt?

    lmaooooooooo :rollin :rollin
  5. therealtate

    whats the point of keeping the sticker on ur fitted?

    say word?? can't tell if trolling here...
  6. therealtate

    the thread about nothing...

    Is there a thread about Ivory being locked up??!?!?
  7. therealtate

    What physical activities are you into?

    fapping :rollin
  8. therealtate

    Hey NT, can you suggest me a good earphone?

    poor :lol
  9. therealtate

    If you had an extra stack, what would you buy?

    cop a couple pairs of OG's prolly Bred 4's or Black Metallic 5's
  10. therealtate

    Air Jordan 5 2013 "Elephant print" 23rd anniversary

    TCC trolled us all.. they don't look that bad though...will brek necks atleast :smokin
  11. therealtate

    High waisted shorts

    I was thinking the same :rollin
  12. therealtate

    High waisted shorts

    How is it that these "high waisted" shorts have ventured back into style? They look uncomfortable and horrible on all wiminz. What are y'all opinions on these ugly thangs coming back into view? I personally don't wan to look at that again like its the 1980's. Explain
  13. therealtate

    Official Air Jordan VII Retro Filbert & Obsidians Release Thread 8/4/12: NO BUYING/SELLING/TRADING!

    honestly... even those denim/khaki III's are better by a hair.... just a hair
  14. therealtate

    MIP in Washington State

    lmaoooo my dude was on one... .24 is worth it tho... :rollin
  15. therealtate

    Post Your Twitter vol. New Site, New Thread

    @Retro_Tate i follow all NT back :hat
  16. therealtate

    Post Your Twitter vol. New Site, New Thread

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