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  1. flaminhotcheeto

    What cell plan you on? Vol. 2017

    Searched "Cell phone plan" on Niketalk and there's nothing current. Last time I made this thread was 2014. Guessing things have changed since Lol. Anyways I've always buy unlocked phones so I go where the deal/value is best. Cellular phone plans have gotten pretty competitive lately, and...
  2. flaminhotcheeto

    Black OPS 3

    Is there an "official thread"?    Anyone gonna preorder?  I skipped Advanced Warefare since Ghosts was terrible, and the franchise has gotten stale overall.   In BLOPS 3 im more interested in the Zombie modes than I am the multi.   Speaking of Zombies, who's gonna preorder this version that...
  3. flaminhotcheeto

    Man, they dont make'em like this anymore

    Something made me think of my playoff 12's and then made me think of the commercials, and then next thing you know I was watching damn near all his OG ads   That happen to anyone?  Busy doing something then bam youre researching/checking out random *** stuff for a while?  haha damn Anyways...
  4. flaminhotcheeto

    What's hawt in these streets.

    Couldnt find an appropriate thread to dump these in.    Pics from a small car show here on Hawaii.  Bagged and Turbo'd The King. 1966 GT40. Ferrari killer The turbo on a 90's Supra Not really a BMW fan, but this chick worked the...
  5. flaminhotcheeto

    What's your current cellular phone plan?

    All this phone talk, let's see what plans people are on.  Maybe you'll see something more suitable for you.  Me, Im grandfathered into the ATT unlimited plan and pay $86 a month after a %15 work discount.  Im tempted by other plans cuz they usually offer tethering, and are cheaper.  But tough...
  6. flaminhotcheeto

    Mother Russia aint alllllll bad

    When the female cops dress like this CUFF ME
  7. flaminhotcheeto

    If you had a phone ugrade to use, what would you buy today?

    I myself dont have an upgrade til Nov, but I have the chance to use someone elses right now.  ve been an iphone user since the 3gs, and have a 5 now.  Thinking of trying out the Android world with maybe the S5, HTC One M8 or the OnePlus.   Anything else to consider?   If I dont like it I can...
  8. flaminhotcheeto

    Worse than shovel girl?

    Nose snapped like whoa Lol.
  9. flaminhotcheeto

    There's no replacement for displacement.

    Haha.  Mini meet I checked out this past weekend.  Had a little bit of everything, but here are some of my faves There are always exceptions to the rule haha. But I wouldnt consider this one of the typcial ricers you see around town that try to associate themselves with...
  10. flaminhotcheeto

    Camera dudes, gotta question for ya.

    Would you take $150 for a D40x with the kit lens, and a 35mm 1.8 lens? Traded a pair of shoes for the D40x, and the 35mm lens was a gift so I dont have much invested in it. Alsooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, how's the t3i today? A dinosaur? If I sold the d40x I'm looking to go Canon. That bout...
  11. flaminhotcheeto

    Bumper dragging in the streets.

    Looks kinda scary and squirrely to be launching on the streets like that And bonus vid
  12. flaminhotcheeto

    Tattoos for your toilet?

    It's more likely than you think haha wtf Saw these bad boys at walmart today and had to snap a pic.  Might pick up the "woods" myself.
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