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  1. sofa king awsm

    Bon Iver - 22, A Million

    Anyone fk wit Bon Iver? :hat :hat
  2. sofa king awsm


    anyone here fw Mozzy new album? 1 UP TOP AHK 1. Intro 2. Mandated f. June 3. Like You Say You Do 4. Take It Up With God f. Celly Ru 5. Sleep Walkin’ 6. Tomorrow f. Rexx Life Raj, Boosie Badazz and E Mozzy 7. Unfortunately f. June 8. Don’t You 9. Momma We Made It f. Jay Rock 10. Outside f. Lex...
  3. sofa king awsm

    Knock Offs

  4. sofa king awsm

    Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch

    Does anyone own this game? How is it? 8o
  5. sofa king awsm

    do you guys curve your hats or keep em flat?

    I personally like a slight curve on my fitteds but not too much.
  6. sofa king awsm

    Anyone know where I can find more music like this?

    not really sure what the genre is but its pretty chill :smokin reps to whoever posts similar music :p
  7. sofa king awsm

    NTers, post your ghost experiences and weird stuff you have seen or have noticed...

    Since Halloween is coming up I thought Id make this thread, im curious to hear some creepy NTer stories/experiences while they were growing up... If you got any stories about ghosts and unexplainable weird **** that had happened to you feel free and post up. :smokin I never really seen a ghost...
  8. sofa king awsm

    remember datsun? its car form

    For Datsun revival, Nissan gambles on $3,000 model By Chester Dawson | The Wall Street Journal – 21 hours ago It is the car that baby boomers may remember as much for its compact chic as for its slogan ("Datsun, We Are Driven!"). Now, a new version of this storied brand may get more attention...
  9. sofa king awsm

    Does anyone play Initial D extreme stage for ps3?

    I just cawped this game off amazon... got the japanese version with online play...anyone here play? 8o
  10. sofa king awsm

    Wat is considered Manlet height?

    im thinkin 5'7 and under... 5'10 here btw
  11. sofa king awsm

    Tekken Tag 2

    whos reddy for this? Famitsu reviewed it...39/40 :smokin
  12. sofa king awsm


    Any NTers have a rottweiler? My dog died bout a month ago :{ (RIP) been thinkin bout getting a new dog. Lately Ive been eyeing these rottweilers. I'd like to hear NT'ers thoughts/opinions on this breed. Also should i get a German rottie or American?
  13. sofa king awsm

    movies u have to watch out of respect

    wut are some movies that come on that you have to stop and watch out of respect? mine are -bloodsport -any TMNT movie( esp TMNT II) -Big Trouble in Little China -Saving private Ryan -Rounders -air bud
  14. sofa king awsm

    Your favorite wrestling finishing moves

    1. Peoples elbow - the build up and delivery :smokin 2. Stunner - dat kick to the gut and then... :eek 3. Pedigree/Cripler crossface - had these done to me as a young lad...hurts in real life :x
  15. sofa king awsm

    My bed shakes at night?

    so for the past few weeks i have been feeling my bed shake right before i start to doze off. its so weird. its like a slight vibration. like sometimes i try and confirm its really shakeing and i put my hand on it to feel and the shaking gets lighter...stops completely when i turn on my light...
  16. sofa king awsm

    Growing out hair Vol. Dat Lusciousness

    just started to grow my hair this month. had it short for like 8 years:x any of you dudes in the process or will start? any pro tips? should i maybe trim it once in awhile to keep it neat? or just leave it alone for a year. dont know what im gonna do once it hits that :x middle stage.:{ i want...
  17. sofa king awsm

    Spam Musubi appreciation

    these are the truth  never thought spam could taste so gonna cop da ingredients and make my own when i get home. spammusubi.jpeg
  18. sofa king awsm

    What is your haircut? vol 26

    -I have a buzz cut breh. had it for a few yrs now. -low maintenance/saves time.
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