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  1. sctrojan

    OFFICIAL: Nike Zoom FLYKNIT Collection - Racers + Trainers ONLY - (SIZE POLL ON FIRST PAGE. CHECK TH

    Could you clarify what "schedule a fitting" meant? Was it just a control in place so individuals could only purchase their size or is there something more to it? Thanks.
  2. sctrojan

    ||| FREE RUN+ 3 & iD ||| EXT Collection (pg43) |||

    ILLustRAYt, Do you know what cleats those were in the Fuel Free pics? I don't think I've seen a pair of those football cleats in market at least not in an all volt color way. I remember seeing some NCAA players in Spring '09 wear those for a Pro Day. I've been hunting for them since. Any of...
  3. sctrojan

    Nike Free Haven 3.0 Summer 2012

     the fuel pair are sick. i need them to go along with my fuel 3.0 frees
  4. sctrojan

    So is it necessary...

    yeah i find it real obnoxious when people who i am eating with do that... it's as if they will never eat again.  some of the pics aren't bad but things like in-n-out, a slurpee and your peanut butter sandwich don't need to be shared.  when they start to instagram and change the hues too. your...
  5. sctrojan

    Official Nike Air Yeezy 2 thread vol. 2 - 6/9/12 Global Release Date: NO BUYING/SELLING/TRADING! 90K though?
  6. sctrojan

    Please respond with an answer NT

    Full refund will be given. The store will have to manually edit the tax. This happend a couple of times at my old store because a neighboring city had a 1% tax difference. 
  7. sctrojan

    kanye west appreciation day vol.35

    nah it's not real appreciation. it's just his birthday and that article got my morning off to some laughs at work. (slow day...)
  8. sctrojan

    kanye west appreciation day vol.35

    http://www.thedailybeast....wisest-tweets.print.html Kanye West is celebrating his 35th birthday today—and sure, the hip-hop star has made some mistakes in the past (TMZ cameras have been smashed,Taylor Swifts have been upstaged, and an Olsen twin may or may not have been hooked up with on this...
  9. sctrojan

    Official NCAA Football '13

    same thoughts I have after playing through the 3 demo games. 
  10. sctrojan

    What happened to yall dressin better cats??...

    Exactly. There is no need for suits at a college party unless it's a formal. Apply this logic the other way around and there's no need for snapbacks/whatever else at a work function. Know what's appropriate for where you're going. 
  11. sctrojan

    Capital One Pre approved for up to 30k in Auto Financing vol Say Word?

    30K loan... Why go through with that for something that is guaranteed to depreciate in value? Live within your means especially when it comes to an automobile. I have a hard time agreeing with the purchase of an automobile that isn't done in cash. It's a sunk cost and I can imagine that monthly...
  12. sctrojan

    Post your EDC (everyday carry).

    too much comedy in this thread
  13. sctrojan

    Official NCAA Football '13

    smh at forcing you to preorder from Gamestop if you want certain things or Amazon for other things...
  14. sctrojan

    Who is the baddest White chick currently?

    the background. is he testing a camera out or just taking a pic of her?
  15. sctrojan

    Maxim's 2012 top 100

    alex morgan 
  16. sctrojan

    Does anyone else get peeved with people at ATM's?

    get used to it. it's going to be the future. replace tellers with machines = significant $ saved by the banks bank of america's new e-checking program has no min balance etc but you have to do ALL your transactions via the ATM or face an $8 charge. the only thing you can use the teller for...
  17. sctrojan

    Advice for a kid with his first job

    make it a habit to always be on time or early. 5 minutes early > 1 minute late. stay grounded and humble. you're never too big to do any task. you'll understand how important this attitude is once you start working other jobs/progress up the ladder.
  18. sctrojan

    Worst physical pain you've experienced: VOL: Did you ever have surgery before?

    surgery after tearing my acl/mcl/meniscus. worst feeling was being upright 8 hours after surgery and the pain meds had worn off. 
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