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  1. winzz

    Nike Roshe LD-1000, Fragment black release on July 16th

    I'm looking through niketalk forums but haven't find single thread that discuss about this shoe. another hybrid shoes from nike that start with classic nike running shoes LD-1000 with Roshe cushion. It was last year released for the 1st time collaboration with fragment design. nonetheless the...
  2. winzz

    Kobe X Official Thread Elite Series ‘Elite Team’ April 18th, ‘Elevate’ May 15th, ‘Rose Gold’ June 5

    so according to chinese transcript it stated this shoe will release on next year feb and march, shoes will have lunarlon and zoom technology as well. prices in china yuan 1399 and FYI kobe 9 EM retail price in china also 1399 yuan so i think hopefully in US kobe X won't have increase in price...
  3. winzz

    BEWARE AJ4 Lightning GM Pairs!!

    They already on the way to flood the market right now if you all found out those lightning with unreasonable very good price, beware of it maybe it was one of it GM pairs :{ anyone who has legit Lightning 4 can contribute to this thread, point out the different for further legit check
  4. winzz

    Nike : Dongguan shoe factory workers strike basicly the worker protest they have been deceived by...
  5. winzz

    Trade agreement between winzz and rnanad

    I agree to trade rnanad my VNDS Jordan XI DMP edition spare pack sz10.5 For his DS Nike Dunk SB Hi Tiffany retro sz10.5 and rnanad will be ship his pairs first to me and after i received mine then i will ship to him my pairs. Shoes will be double boxed and ems/priority shipping will be used...
  6. winzz

    VNDS Air Jordan 11 DMP Spare Pack sz 10.5

    item as described VNDS worn 2 times and still in good condition. willing to trade with DS Nike Dunk SB High Tiffany sz 10.5 as same with my previous trade this have to be done internationally. more info pls PM me. i'm legit trader and already done multiple times both local in china and here in NT
  7. winzz

    Man buys car with 120,000 one-yuan bills and coins in China trolling level chinese

    A food wholesaler from Handan, Hebei province on Wednesday reportedly walked into a car dealership on Wednesday carrying nearly 120,000 RMB in one-yuan notes and coins to purchase his new ride. the dealer have to call accountant from local bank asking help to count all the bills :x
  8. winzz

    Air Jordan 1 XQ Retro 2013 DS Size 9.5 Nike China exclusive

    For trade only size 43 DS AJ 1 XQ Retro 2013 Size 9.5 Trade for one of these (for same size 9.5 or 10): 1. any kobe Prelude 1, 2 , or 4 2. Lebron 7 Red carpet any other offer pls message me. shoe are in good condition and still DS with the shanghai ignite shoes paper inside of it, i don't...
  9. winzz

    Lebron Prelude Pack

    - find out it was fake - @bigj505 @s dubl pls lock this thread :x
  10. winzz

    Air Apocalypse in Shanghai, Polution Level Hazardous

    Currently i'm reside in Shanghai and this kind of air quality really my first time in my entire life since i'm living in China for past 5-6 years. this air polution already been 1 week now and show no sign for improvement.
  11. winzz

    Van Damme doing The Epic Split

    has anybody seen this? Van Damme truly the GOAT :smokin
  12. winzz

    LC lebron 9 big bang hoping its my next pickup please help!

    legit no worries. it's already been wear i think so expect the price should be cheaper
  13. winzz

    LC galaxy foamposites

    those are definitely fake, from color already dead give away. the legit one shouldn't be too bright colorway (you can google the pictures of legit one), the box also too small. if u look at the carbon fiber those are just plastic replica not the real carbon fiber
  14. winzz

    LC AJ Concord 2011

    hey just looking for opinion about this jordan 2011 concord becoz i notice so many fake of this shoe line and also i'm not too familiar with jordan brand
  15. winzz

    Kobe V bruce lee legit check

    just to make sure before buying it fake or legit?? thx for the answer
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