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  1. lacrimestopper

    United States of the Police

    this is scary. cops abusing their power. see their reaction at around the 4:30 mark.
  2. lacrimestopper

    RIP Lil Snupe

    a promising young rap artist, Lil Snupe, was shot dead. he was widely known as MMG's Meek Mill's lil homie/prodigy/apprentice. a very talented freestyle rapper who was still in his teens.
  3. lacrimestopper

    Wale- Ambition lyrics

    alright, here is meek mills part: now i move with aggression, use my mind as a weapon/cause chances are never give, they're taken like interceptions/ so throw that pass, ill be the cornerback/ me and folarin mmg gon bring that warner back. what is a warner? lol this is bothering me. i need to...
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