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  1. lambo2012

    Blake griffin hyperdunk lc

    Are these legit and how do I get those black marks off the toe and clean the bottom if they are?
  2. lambo2012

    Kd V energy price check?

    My Friend is selling me a size 10.5 Kd V energys, worn 3 times. What is a fair resell price?
  3. lambo2012

    LC on OG Jordan 1?

    Just wondering
  4. lambo2012

    LC on OG Jordan 1?

    Got them for free
  5. lambo2012

    I was wondering, where are people getting all these GMs?

    I've been reading through this forum, and I was wondering where people are finding all these grey market pairs of 11s. Where do you find them and what's the difference between those and legit pairs?
  6. lambo2012

    Real of fake flint 13s,

    I need someone to explain in detail how these are real or fake. And if they are legit, how do you get the terrible creasing out? Btw they have 3m Thanks guys
  7. lambo2012

    Nike dunk fake check

    how can you tell if its fake
  8. lambo2012

    Nike dunk fake check

    Help me please
  9. lambo2012

    Nike dunk fake check

    Has anybody seen this color way before?
  10. lambo2012

    Legit check on bred 11s

    Looks legit.why do you think they're fake?
  11. lambo2012

    Legit Check on Lebron Corks (Urgent)

    Closer pic of the air bubble please?
  12. lambo2012

    Jordan flint 13 fake check

    Creasing, the tumbled leather has lost it's texture
  13. lambo2012

    LC Lebron X "Corks"

    Lol I don't think they make fake corks
  14. lambo2012

    Jordan flint 13 fake check

    I want to know if these are fake. If they're real, how can I fix all the problems?
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