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  1. shuges

    Official Miami Heat (4) vs OKC Thunder (1) NBA Finals Thread - Miami Heat NBA Champions

    Couldn't leave you guys hanging with no pics, articles, or breakdowns. More to come...
  2. shuges

    My Gift To S&T: Memory Lane 2012 (56k/Smartphone Warning!!)

    So yeah, it's been a great NT run... Made it all the way to 20,000 posts and I figured I wanted to do something special for my S&T peoples. (I really hope this isn't somehow breaking the NT rules). Here are some pictures gathered from my time on NT. All sports related and all from around the...
  3. shuges

    4 More Cops Shot At (3 Hit) In Brooklyn vol. When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong

    Can't believe that this escalated from a minor confrontation with some moving men. Smh....
  4. shuges

    Thread Starters Of Season Champions - Quick NT Trivia Question

    Just for laughs and bragging rights.... How many of you have started a team thread and your team actually won the championship that same year? I'm trying to find out if anyone has ever done it on multiple occasions. I'm also trying to find out which members are considered a jinx to their...
  5. shuges

    The Official 2012 NBA Casual Wear Thread - We're Back, Word To Magic!

    Finally... Bron @ Ducks - USC Jalen @ Pac JMM weigh-in
  6. shuges

    The-Dream Update

    I know there are a lot of The-Dream fans on this board. So I figured I'd drop a quick update on what's coming next for the R&B Killa. Pardon if late....
  7. shuges

    Anyone Know Of A Way To Transfer Music From Old iPod To iTouch 4G?

    Complete with playlists and playcount, etc... I called the apple store and they said they don't do it. I turned off the "auto-sync to itunes" feature so unfortunately, I can't simply plug in the new itouch and get all my music that way. Any suggestions?
  8. shuges

    Jazmine Sullivan - Love Me Back - Album Thread - Nov 30

    I have the advance and I'm pretty disappointed. Expected a better effort. U Get On My Nerves and Good Enough are my two favorites.
  9. shuges

    The 2010-11 NBA Casual Wear Thread - NBA Finals p141 - Bieber Lesbian Swag

    For the new-comers, this thread will contain pictures of NBA players dressed in anything other than their standard NBA uniform. Pictures of celebrities at NBA games as well as pictures of player's wives and/or kids will be found in here as well. Many jokes will be found in this thread too as...
  10. shuges

    NCAA Violations & Sanctions Question

    When schools like USC or FSU get hit with violations, does it affect the women's teams as well? I ask b/c I never hear specifically of any women's programs getting hit with violations/sanctions. Also, can anyone explain the difference between a sanction and a violation (by NCAA standards)...
  11. shuges

    NEW ERA FITTEDS: Be Honest, Do Any Of U Own Fan Gear Of A Rival?

    Whether it's a division rival or an in-state rival.... Like, do any Mets fans own a Yankee fitted? Or any Dodger fans rock an Angels hat? Niner fans wearing a Falcons cap? Etc... Not here to judge. But I'm just curious...
  12. shuges

    NikeTalk Redirecting?

    Anyone else having this problem lately?
  13. shuges

    Anyone Know Of A Clock Radio That Can Play MP3 Files From An External HDD?

    If I have a Western Digital (or any brand) external hard-drive and I want to simply plug it into a desktop alarm clock radio (the ones that are ipod compatiblefor instance).... Does such a thing exist?
  14. shuges

    Milwaukee Bucks @ OKC Thunder - ESPN 9:30p est

    Has all the ingredients of a good game.
  15. shuges

    OKC Thunder @ Miami Heats vol Guerrilla Warfare

    I feel this will be a very good game.
  16. shuges

    *Massive Fail* delete

    Just curious to know how my fellow sports fanatics are prioritizing.... I'm leaning towards multiple channel NBA browsing (League Pass free trial).
  17. shuges

    The 2009-10 NBA Casual Wear Thread - MVP James - Pg 61

    Shout-out to you big dummy and dyyhard....
  18. shuges

    Heroes - 9/28 - "Ink"

    Hopefully tonight's episode picks up a bit....
  19. shuges

    Amerie - In Love & War Album Sampler

    Thoughts? http://www.islanddefjam.c...7356&productID=12166
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