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  1. dalamina

    ***Need help from citizens of Paducah, KY about a big fraud, need informations***

    Hi NT, I have been ripped off by an ebay member for a high amount of cash. I want to collect all possible informations to be able to contact the localauthorities. If any of you fellow NT'ers living in or near Paducah, KY 42001 could help me out, I would really appreciate. I know his name and...
  2. dalamina

    Any NTer got the sample black infrared VI? Need story, infos, pics, everything!

    Hey NT, anyone got these???? Can someone post every infos about these? How many were released, when, pics, value.... [man you are trippin that's not going to happen]Will I possibly find them for sale one day or not?[/man you are trippin that's not going to happen] Thanks!
  3. dalamina

    Aqua VIII's retro close up pics if you didn't see them.

    Team Vintage Heat Never too old..
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