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  1. young safari

    Best way to detox

    I just got offered a job and they want me to come in for a drug screening on Monday. I haven't   since last Tuesday but I need to know the best way to get clean over this weekend.
  2. young safari

    How does one become an NFL mascot?

    This is relevant to my interest.
  3. young safari

    Wait... McDonald's delivers?

    My boy is tellin' me McDonalds and Wendys deliver on the east coast... ducktales? Would be . In Seattle btw. - Safari
  4. young safari

    What kind of sunglasses are these?

    Thanks. Rosé. - Safari
  5. young safari

    Who is this?

    - Safari
  6. young safari

    How do you become an MLB umpire?

    I never understood how these guys got this job. How much they making? - Safari
  7. young safari

    Any NTers on unemployement?

    Basically, I hate my job and would like to know how I can get laid off, for NTers who collect unemployement how is it done? - Safari
  8. young safari

    Really KFC?

    I might be late but I just seen this commercial. They have reached rock bottom. - Young
  9. young safari

    The Big Picture 2009

    Amazing photo's. Thought I'd share. The Big Picture 2009 - Safari
  10. young safari

    ... Welcome to AriLand ... (pics)

    Whaddap NT. For those that don't know Im a shoe customizer and a fine artist aswell as a graphic designer, I recently just held my first show here in Seattle titled"Welcome to AriLand". I thought I share some of the pics with y'all. The event was recorded by the good homies from Traq Addicc...
  11. young safari

    %!% how can they even sell this burger?

    Burger King x Windows 7 - Safari
  12. young safari

    NT, tell me you didn't have one of these?

    - Safari
  13. young safari

    Whats going on with YouTube?

    I'm getting this message:
  14. young safari

    Is it true about Yellow 5?

    - Safari
  15. young safari

    Whats the longest you've ever slept?

    Yo, I went to sleep at about 3:30AM this morning, now I just woke up at 3:56PM. This is absurd, Im not cool with wasting my entire day. Im done with . - Safari
  16. young safari

    NT, why are we still in Iraq?

    Resources? I know. But that's f'd up, they wouldn't say we are doing that. What are we being told that we are fighting for? WMD? No... Democracy? They have elections now. It's terrible that there is a war going on and I dont know what we are fighting for. Please NT, fill me in. - Safari
  17. young safari

    Something I've never seen Vol. Swishers

    I've seen a lot of swishers, I've bought swishers. I've never seen anyone smoke a swisher. How weird is that? - Safari
  18. young safari

    Anthony Anderson fell off.

    This guy. Just heard dude doing the voice for a McDonalds Third Pounders commercial... Last time I seen him was Kings Ransom? Young. - Safari
  19. young safari

    Has anyone every tried Absinthe?

    Thinking about picking a bottle for my 21st... But I want to hear some opinions first. - Safari
  20. young safari

    I hate Verizon Wireless commercials!

    Y'all know what I'm talkin bout NT... These commercials always have some witty joke at the end, that is so bland so it appeals to a broad audience... that its just notfunny. - Safari
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