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  1. clever

    Grown up thread, please keep it civil. VOL. READ THE UPDATE!!

    Is FTL for the loss or for the lose* I meant to put lose* not loose... so yea answer, and please give a detailed explanation. thanks
  2. clever

    where to hang out at night?

    besides clubs....  and can't bring her over the crib cause my parents have family over... im in nyc btw..... lmk thanks =] [/spoiler]
  3. clever

    I have a question: Vol. NYC > CA

    Yesterday it was 90 degrees in NYC, and the heat was unbearable... everyone was complaining  can't take a nap because of the heat, too hot to play at the park... sun burning your skin.. people smelling and all sweaty .. since California people always take pride in your warm weather.. how can...
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