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  1. mrsneakerman

    Sup, my hats STILL too big

    Clicked on someone's twitter and look at what I found. [/spoiler] His twitter: @MikeGetsGuap
  2. mrsneakerman

    EA being sued?

    I just received an email from the US District Court and it looks like people are suing EA. This was in the email: What Is This Class Action About? The class action lawsuit alleges violations of California's antitrust and consumer protection laws in connection with the sale of certain...
  3. mrsneakerman

    New Max B mixtape???

    According to his and Dame Grease's Twitter accounts there is a PD 6.5 which dropped today. Anyone knows where to get it because I'm not trying to pay for it.
  4. mrsneakerman

    Lupe Fiasco ft. Trey Songz-Blackout

    This songs was on Lupe's last album but Trey Songz wasn't on it. He's just doing the chorus. Personally I like it better with him on it. It bringsa lil extra something to it. Anyone heard it before or has any info on it?
  5. mrsneakerman

    Sports Medicine vol. ACL Reconstruction

    Hello NT. I underwent ACL reconstruction surgery yesterday and wanted to know who else here has gone through it. I have many questions on the healing processand rehab time. Thanks in advance and any tips are welcomed also. -How long before i can bend my knee again? -How long before I will be...
  6. mrsneakerman

    Goon Music 2.OWWWW

    Anyone heard this yet? I must say its lot better than Million Dollar Baby 3. Definitely have had it on rotation heavy since I got it. "Dead Solver", "What We Want", "Bury Me With My Grand Cru" and "Get Money" by Al Pac are Oh and I would post a link but my boy gave it to me.
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