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  1. ballinboykz

    The Book of Basketball - Whos read it?

    Just in the middle of reading the book (Volume 2 though...), on the part with the hall of fame pyramid. So far loving everything about it. Who's read this one, and thoughts on the book? Also has anyone read any of the other books mentioned in this one? A large number of them are referenced...
  2. ballinboykz

    Stats you wish existed in sports

    What are those stats you wish existed? In any sport. For example, wondering  what the individual league leaders would be in the number of shots altered (not blocked) in a season. Watching Andrew Bynum in game 1, he blocked 10 shots but how many more shots did he alter or influence... Other one...
  3. ballinboykz

    Star Wars Appreciation Thread

    Its May the Fourth. Seems fitting to make an appreciation thread about the best movie saga made...
  4. ballinboykz


    Whats up NT... So I need help with solving the following riddles. Its for a competition that we have to put costumes to... Any ideas?
  5. ballinboykz

    Breaking News - Wade Phillips Fired

    Or will be within 48 hours...
  6. ballinboykz

    2010 IIHF Hockey World Juniors Championships - Team USA are Champions

    I didn't see a thread for this topic, so I thought we might as well get one going for those hockey loversout there. I am, by no means, a fan of the game. But, considering its in my hometown (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan), I thought it would be a nice touch. Below isthe schedule, along with the pools...
  7. ballinboykz

    Nick Folk better be out of a job Monday morning

    No Text.
  8. ballinboykz

    .:: Chicago Bulls @ Toronto Raptors ::. Vol. USC Rookies ftw...

    Didnt see a game thread, might as well start one. All we gotta do is play defense. That is all. Right now Taj Gibson is looking good against us...
  9. ballinboykz

    Im going to see George W Bush talk tomorrow...

    And even in a small town of 200,000 people in Canada, there are going to be thousands of protest groups that are going to be out there... Thought id share with the NT population. Anybody else see him speak following or during his presidency at private events?
  10. ballinboykz

    Ending It with the lady - Unappreciation

    It always is no fun ending a relationship... even when you have reason to. Just went through it with my now ex-lady, and even though she did some stupid stuff,i still feel awful. You guys ever feel the same way, even if it aint your fault?
  11. ballinboykz

    What happened to Luol Deng...

    What happened to dude. A number of people here (myself included) thought this dude was one of the most consistent player's in the game. Now, all year long,he hasnt seemed like himself. Granted, he missed more games this year than years previous, but still... Discuss.
  12. ballinboykz

    Alright, who still plays PS2?

    Anybody? If so, is it still for new games, or just for the classic games you enjoyed before switching to another console?
  13. ballinboykz

    In Your Opinion, What is the Ugliest Sports Breakup...

    Im watching a local show on TV, talking about the ugliest sports breakup. So far, they have the following nominated: Mats Sundin with Toronto Vince Carter with Toronto Brett Favre with Green Bay Patrick Roy with Montreal Being Canadian, obviously the nominations are hockey biased... At any...
  14. ballinboykz

    Toronto Raptors @ Utah Jazz

    Jay Triano's first game as head coach Lets get it
  15. ballinboykz

    .:: Toronto Raptors @ Miami Heat - Nov 19, 7:30 EST ::. Vol. Homerism

    Heat by 78. Because thats the un-biased pick apparently. No idea if Calderon is playing or not.
  16. ballinboykz

    If you were to be coached by one coach in any professional sport...

    Who would it be? Can be from any professional sport. Reasons why; Motivation? Specific sport's IQ? Personality? Relationships with the players? My pick(s) NFL - I've had alot of respect for Jeff Fisher. He seems like he could be approached by his players, rather than them being scared to talk...
  17. ballinboykz

    .:: Philadelphia 76ers @ Toronto Raptors - Nov 12, 7:00 EST ::.

    Lets get this game early. We didnt close out last game, as we all know. We have to learn how to close out in the 4th quarter. I really want to see us use Bosh early and often. Get him going.
  18. ballinboykz

    .:: Toronto Raptors @ Boston Celtics, Nov 10 7:30 EST ::.

    Well, for those who dont have RTV, is the best option. Stupid Canadian scheduling... Anyway, big game tonight. Coming off a nice comeback win against Charlotte, hopefully we can pull out a W tonight against Boston. The only way we win tonightis if our perimeter D is on point...
  19. ballinboykz

    .:: Toronto Raptors @ Milwaukee Bucks ::. Nov 1, 8:30 EST

    Lets start 3-0 Bargs, Bosh, and Parker all had very good games yesterday. Lets hope Bargs especially can build off that, and have another really good game on both ends of thefloor. Lets get it
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