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  1. mustbefire

    A Beautiful Curation Honest feedback needed

    I started a thread about our clothing line Articulate but now I wanted to introduce the vehicle that we are going to be using to showcase our products A Beautiful Curation. Please check out our blog and let me know what you think. Let me(us) have it. I know you all know no other way :p...
  2. mustbefire


    Whats good, Some kids that I went to high school with and myself are trying to launch a collective brand to showcase our ideas for clothing, art, photography etc. One of my boys came up with the name "Articulate" for a clothing company and I've been messing with some ideas for the first...
  3. mustbefire

    Public Speech Topic, HELP!

    I have to give either an informative or persuasive 2-3 minute speech a on a current hot topic and I need some advice.  All suggestions are welcomed...please and thank you.
  4. mustbefire

    Gilt Groupe Invites (Desinger Steez for the low)

    Receive discounts of up to 75% on desinger clothing daily
  5. mustbefire

    I need a GrandCentral invite PLEASE

    I just made the switch from AT&T to T-Mobile. I copped a Blackberry 8900 and I'm in dire need of GrandCentral invite please and thanks .
  6. mustbefire

    Yeezy's in FL?

    I have my heart set on the Black Yeezy's coming out on May 2nd, anyone know any spots in FL that's getting them? Please and thank you.
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