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  1. mojodmonky1

    Adidas NMD thread

    which shoes were being raffled? just the nmds or medal ub too?
  2. mojodmonky1

    Do any Ntera wear contacts.

    correction. it was not a big deal for me. youre right. i was lucky. 20+ years of irresponsible contact lens use and i am no worse for wear. ymmv.
  3. mojodmonky1

    Do any Ntera wear contacts.

    been wearing contacts for decades now. i sleep with my contacts in every night, its not that big a deal. my optomotrist used to give me S about it even though I never got any eye infections or scratched corneas or nothing. She finally just moved me over to 30 day continuous wear lenses (Air...
  4. mojodmonky1

    Deadly Shooting Reported on Northern Arizona University's Flagstaff Campus

    am i reading a different story than the rest of NT? while the shooting took place on campus, its not exactly the same as other mass shootings on campus. this one sounds like there was an altercation of some sort and one of the combatants escalated the situation when he drew and started firing...
  5. mojodmonky1

    Any brehs on this Smart House Wave?

    i live in an apt/condo building so i wouldnt even know where to look to turn off the furnace electricity switch. i guess i could just shut down my main to be 100% safe and do it during the day when i have natural light to work with? or eff it, time to call the HVAC guy.
  6. mojodmonky1


    correction its basically dipping the ramen in a bowl of melted fat before you eat it. and its glorious. i work about 5 min from Sawtelle/Tsujita but cant ever hit it up for lunch cause of that line situation. bummer.
  7. mojodmonky1

    The Official Wine and Cheese Thread - Gouda IsThe Best

    im a fatboy so i love me some Fromager d'Affinois. Its like brie on steroid. A lil bit of that with some good bread and prosciutto and I can die a happy (and early) death. Its not really made for sandwiches, but if you just cheese for a cheese and charcuterie plate, check out Campo De...
  8. mojodmonky1

    Any brehs on this Smart House Wave?

    so for my HVAC and/or eletrically gifted brothers. I just took my current thermostat off the wall and snapped a pic. Will this be a 15 min plug and play install for a Nest, or do I need to bring someone in to handle it?
  9. mojodmonky1

    Any brehs on this Smart House Wave?

    so i've been thinking of swapping out my thermostats for nest thermostats but now yall got me spooked. i thought its plug and play? what would an HVAC specialist do different that I cant do? the thermostats that came with my place are either broken and/or possessed. I will set it to 74 and...
  10. mojodmonky1

    Sup with dem Hershel backpacks tho

    first im hearing about these. i just got an Aer bag for my daily carry to replace this old pack I been using for awhile. Solid construction, lots of pockets, looks good. For travel I got this behemoth 46L Camelback military bag. The thing is much larger than...
  11. mojodmonky1

    Do you Solid Snake people you know in public?

    not really sure what "solid snaking" is but i have one friend who's given me carte blanche to choke him out if i ever see him out in public as long as i manage to get the choke in before he notices me. before i die its my mission to rear naked choke him in front of his wife and kids and leave...
  12. mojodmonky1

    how bad is it getting your wisdom teeth pulled???

    easily worst pain i've ever experienced in my entire life. my appendix almost burst but that pain pales in comparison to when i got my wisdom teeth pulled. i dont know if it was a dry socket or infection or what but i couldnt move for days let alone drink or eat. i think i was the exception...
  13. mojodmonky1

    girl pops biggest zit.

    one of my boys had a pimple lookin spot on his head after he came back from a trip to macchu piccu. We were all giving him S about it and looking up botfly clips on youtube tryin to scare him. TURNS OUT IT WAS A BOTFLY. we werent there to see him extract it, but he said he finally asked his...
  14. mojodmonky1

    **Official Post Your Dog Thread**

    Olde English Bulldogge. A touch smaller (in terms of size, not weight) than American's. One of my neighbors has this beautiful American that towers over my girl, but in terms of weight they are probably pretty close (mine is 70lbs). Hopefully the biting this will pass. I think every pup...
  15. mojodmonky1

    Buying a car str8 cash or loan at age 22

    I disagree. In my experience the Credit Karma scores werent that far off from FICO or Beacon scores. Even between the 3 bureaus you can sometimes get a pretty big range of scores depending on what one bureau picks up and the other doesnt. I think Credit Karma is a great free tool to get a...
  16. mojodmonky1

    **Official Post Your Dog Thread**

    here's my girl mean muggin me a couple days after i brought our youngest home from the hospital. she's annoyed that we brought home yet another baby thats going to torment her. these two have a love/hate thing goin on
  17. mojodmonky1

    what do you guys do on your free time ?!

    hahahaha u can catch up on a lot of reading while your wife is in labor. thank god for hospital wifi. I got through a full season and then some of The Wire while we were in the hospital. Lot of down time before that baby comes out, and honestly, even a lot of down time immediately after the...
  18. mojodmonky1

    what do you guys do on your free time ?!

    better get it all in while you can my man cause once that baby comes along you're not going to have any free time. Any free time that I manage to luckbox into typically goes to catching up on sleep. with a toddler and infant at home and a wife who works long hours, i have very little free time...
  19. mojodmonky1

    Buying a car str8 cash or loan at age 22

    :lol but whats the fun in that? the best part about being young is making stupid frivolous purchases like that and then learning from them the hard way. its like a rite of passage. that being said, if you want to be fiscally responsible OP listen to what wj4 said.
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