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  1. silvermatrix12

    What's your work out playlist?

    Can you guys give me some songs I can work out to. I'm tired listening to the radio and the same old songs on my ipod. So what do you guys listen to when you work out?
  2. silvermatrix12

    My Fellow Graphic Designers...

    For those graphic designers here on NT where do you guys work and what websites are good to check for job listings? I just graduated in December and looking for a job of course. If my fellow graphic designers can point me in the right direction I would really appreciate it. 
  3. silvermatrix12

    Getting paid appreciation thread.

    Today is/was pay day for most of us. It feels good to get paid, pay some bills, and still have extra money left over. As much as I dislike working where I work at, getting a paycheck is a good feeling. Who else agrees?
  4. silvermatrix12

    For those of you NTers that make shirts...

    For the people that have there own shirt designs/ up and coming shirt companies, how are you guys printing out your shirts? Help would be appreciated.
  5. silvermatrix12

    how do you bring yourself to go to school? (college students)

    i've been procrastinating for the past few weeks and haven't been going to school. how do the rest of you college students bring yourself to go to classes and what not? i know i'm paying for the classes but i don't know why i do this...i know a bunch of you guys do this too, so whats good?
  6. silvermatrix12

    OG Mighty Morphin Power Rangers reruns today at 12pm on the east coast

    anybody gonna re-live there 1993 childhood memories and re watch it?
  7. silvermatrix12

    anybody got the mytouch or the touch pro2???

    i was looking into getting one of these phones. any feedback from owners would be helpful. how's the battery life, the internet connection, etc...
  8. silvermatrix12

    anybody here go/went to briarcliffe college on long island?

    how was/is it, how much was tution, and what was/is your major...etc. help a fellow student out.
  9. silvermatrix12

    stephen curry talks about where he thinks he'll land in the draft...

    if i'm late then lock, but heres the link Stephen Curry says he knows where he'll be drafted 11:41 AM04.27 Posted By: Andrew Perloff SHARE COMMENTS (1)...
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