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  1. ccastro02

    Racists Getting Fired - Racism on Social Media

    I came across this website this weekend which is pretty much a blog dedicated to holding people accountable for their racist, violent, & bigoted posts on social media. The idea is that an anonymus user submits a screenshot of someone publically posting racist/ bigoted comments via social media...
  2. ccastro02

    Beware, Air Jordan XVI's Crumble

    So today i decided to unds a pair of cherrywoods that i've had for a few years now. Wore them for like 10 minutes. Photo Taken right before i started walking: Than This happened: This definitely caught me by surprise because xvi's are not known for crumbling. Figured i'de post it on...
  3. ccastro02

    1st Official Jordan Brand ONLY Store to open in NYC

    Sorry if this has been posted already. Please lock if a thread already exists.
  4. ccastro02

    PARIS DECOSTE: Niketalk detectives needed!

    Came across this guys youtube page this morning. Reminds me of Gold St. Capital in many Obvious ways. Quite frankly, i think this guy is a flake. Curious to see what nt can find on this guy. FaceBook Page Twitter
  5. ccastro02

    Christmas/ End of year bonuses.

    My company gives me two weeks cash. Niketalk, what does your company pay, if anything?
  6. ccastro02

    Credit score system.. is just a big scam?

    So as i'm on the train home from work, i figured i'de take the opportunity to make a credit card payment. So i call chase to make a payment and the lady tells me i'm available for a credit card upgrade. So i'm like how, i barely even use my card. According to her they (chase) recently reviewed...
  7. ccastro02

    Elementary School Shooting: Newtown, Connecticut. 28 confirmed dead, 18 were children Authorities in Connecticut responded to a mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown Friday morning, the local NBC station reports. Police reported 27 deaths, including 18 dead children...
  8. ccastro02

    The OFFICIAL Powerball and Megamillions thread:

    Gotta be in it to win it. Check here to see what your states payout comes to be: Powerball. Check here to see what your states payout comes to be: Megamillion
  9. ccastro02

    1stsneakers legit? legit?
  10. ccastro02

    LC on Air jordan xi concord 2011

    just need a legit check. Thanks.
  11. ccastro02

    Lc on 2000 Concords XI.

    All, Looking to purchase a pair of 2000 concords on ebay. Buyer said he had bought them years ago from a seller who claimed that they were authentic. I know box is legit, but the shoes look a bit funny. Only photos i have of them.
  12. ccastro02


    Who's watching? I for one have been extremely anticipating today's release. I pre-ordered my tickets.
  13. ccastro02

    Change a Letter game.

    Welcome everyone, Just wanted to see if we can all play a game together. Idea of the game is to take the word that the previous person posted, and to change a letter. any letter. You can re-organize the word, however, only one letter needs to be substituted for a new one. A new word will be...
  14. ccastro02

    2000 Air jordan XI Concord legit check

    Seller describes the shoe as: CONDITION 2000 Air Jordan XI in size 7.  100% authentic or your money back, check my feedback andbid with confidence.  The shoes are brand new and have never been worn.  They show some signs of age such as yellowing, hence I am selling them as pre-owned.  The...
  15. ccastro02

    Concord Xi's 2000 Legit check

    Are these XI's real? They look legit and everything he/she's selling looks legit. Just want to run it with you guys first before bidding.
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