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  1. superflyjesus15

    NT, School me on Creatine

    I'm curious as to what the plus' and minus' are as to taking creatine. What are the biggest negatives? I've heard that after use it converts to fat within a month. If were to use it for a few months, would the muscle remain? Any serious side effects or things to worry about? anybody who has...
  2. superflyjesus15

    ######NT, SCHOOL ME ON AUTO SOUND######

    Okay, I have like a 1981 Mercedes SL380 and the system is trash. How much would it cost me to get a decent subwoofer/system and a stereo system installed?
  3. superflyjesus15

    NT, Why are you at home on a Friday night? vol. I Hate School

    Bored as FUBU at home cuz mama saw the grades. SMH i needa work harder at school cuz this staying home thing is notttt working out... Any reason your on Niketalk on a weekend night?
  4. superflyjesus15

    NT, What's going on?

    I currently am sitting at home bored, friends are out of town/ can't leave house.... girls are confusin me.... got to finish an English project tomorowthat I have no idea what to do..... and I can't find a pair of 10.5 Bred Jordan 1's to save my life.... How's it going? What's happening with...
  5. superflyjesus15

    ...........................VOTE 4 MY KARMALOOP T-SHIRT DESIGN!!!..........................

    Here's the link to vote... Just stop the violence people!
  6. superflyjesus15

    Florida People Where You At?

    Hey I don't live in Florida but I know theres a skate shop called Plus Skate Shop there. Is there website legit because there was a warning for it may betrying to rip you off. Just wondering.
  7. superflyjesus15

    P-Rod 2 Sizing Question

    Hey how do the P-rOD 2's fit. I'm 14 and growing but where a 10, should I go with a 10.5 or stay with the ten f they are a little big. "My pimp game proper, my inf' aim proper So run and I will hit you like Jeremiah Trotter Yessuh! Call me, young Carter My leather so soft and I be stunt'n like...
  8. superflyjesus15

    Opinions on these ID's???

    Hey I'm thinking of getting these any opinions??? Thanks "White Leather, Hot New Pair of Rims, Brand New Pistol With The Trigger Like A Hair Pin"-Weezy Baby
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