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  1. ugk4life

    *locked* Pictures aren't legit + no legit source = just a rumor

    Here is a pic of the Final Sample stage of the upcoming release of the Jordan X Chicago colorway... These are not mine they belong to a fellow NT'er... -Tyler
  2. ugk4life


    man you all dont know how to help out... -Tyler
  3. ugk4life

    what nikes are these?

    i couldnt remember the name of them so any help would be greatly appreciated... -Tyler
  4. ugk4life

    put me onto some good techno...

    Ive really been wanting to listen to a lot of techno lately...but i dont really know a lot of the good artist's or DJ's out put me in theright direction of some...Thank You... -Tyler
  5. ugk4life

    Why do they call Fabolous "Loso"?

    is it really just a nickname or is there a real meaning behind it...? -Tyler
  6. ugk4life

    Each Jordan shoes inspiration

    All right guys i am doing a project in school and i want to know what each numbered shoe was inspired by.... So if you guys could please help me out and dont just tell me to look on google or what ever b.c i dont have time to do that. So please help me out. -Tyler
  7. ugk4life

    Some good Techno music?

    What is some good techno music?
  8. ugk4life

    Pics of Lebron sitting at his locker.

    Like the title says if some one has pictures of Lebron sitting at his locker because i cant find any and ive been looking for a while so any help would be nice.
  9. ugk4life

    Some new templates!

    Ok just like the title says here are some new templates but I DID NOT MAKE THEM SO PLEASE DONT ASK ME TOMAKE SOME THAT ARENT ON HERE. Zoom Kobe II P-Rod II Air Force One Highs Air Max 90 Air Force One woven Once again i did not make these so dont ask me to make some new templates...
  10. ugk4life

    Post Your Prized Memorabilia

    Like the title says 'Post Your Prized Memorabilia' Im working on getting pics of mine but mine is an autographed bball by the 2001-2002 Milwaukee Bucks let me tell you more about it. That year they were the Central Division Champs and it was the last year of the "Big Three" which included Sam...
  11. ugk4life

    Pic request: Kobe and/or Lebron wearing the Adidas Kobe 2 red/white/blue

    as the title states if any of you have pics of them wearing them post 'em please
  12. ugk4life

    Check this shnizz out

    Ok this is my first post in the Sneaker Art section but here you guys go its my own version of the Air Zoom Generation and i used paint nothing rendered here
  13. ugk4life

    PSP Shoe Backgrounds

    Is it possible for someone to make some PSP backgrounds of some nice PE's or something along those lines thanx for your help Looking for a Vinny Del Negro jersey pm
  14. ugk4life

    Finally Nike Id Zoom Kobe 2

    OMFG i was just on and towards the bottom of the main home page there is a preview of the Zoom Kobe 2 on Its about DAMN time. It will be released on August 9th Kobe 2 preview
  15. ugk4life

    Create a template?

    Can someone tell me how to create a template like the ones already posted but the ones that i want. Please any help would be nice thank you.
  16. ugk4life

    New Templates Please

    Can someone please make some new templates for the Zoom Kobe II, Lebron IV and possibly the Kobe Strenghts? Any help would be nice thanks in advance
  17. ugk4life

    some new templates plz

    can someone make some new templates for the ZLB IV, the many new Kobes, the Lebron Soilders, and idk maybe some Dada Spree's. any help would be nice. *looking for a Vinny Del Negro jersey holla at the email
  18. ugk4life

    Dada Spree's template?

    Do any of u have a template for the Dada Spree's u know the ones with the spinners. cuz i would like to have one to ps. and sorry if this has already been posted. also thanx in advance
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