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  1. illmaticsoulchild

    Dylan Dreyer - The ASR of Meteorology?

    I'm usually not impressed by meteorologists ever since I stumbled upon Univision as a young lad, but Dylan Dreyer 's derrière is noteworthy.
  2. illmaticsoulchild

    How reliant are you on review sites?

    Taking a break from looking for apartments, and I (again) realized how reliant I was on review sites. I'm sure everyone does this, especially for "big" ticket items like laptops and televisions, but I find myself doing research even on household products. Anyone else find themselves going to...
  3. illmaticsoulchild

    Old Toy Commercials, Circa 1980-1989

    Posting the ones of toys I actually had... Post yours!
  4. illmaticsoulchild

    Can anyone guess who this celebrity is? (Halloween Costume Related)

    I had to PS out the name in the BG, but even knowing the name, I still couldn't see it. [/spoiler]
  5. illmaticsoulchild

    MNF: Week 7 - Baltimore Ravens (4-1) @ Jacksonville Jaguars (1-5) - ESPN 8:30pm EST

    Decided not to go to the game (well, technically someone bought my tickets on TicketExchange), but I'm hoping the Jaguars can keep this competitive. Been a tough stretch for Sunshine, facing some solid defenses in Cincy, Pittsburgh and now Baltimore, but hopefully he can pull off an upset...
  6. illmaticsoulchild

    DCU Animated Film: Batman Year One w/ Catwoman Short - iTunes Digital Release 10/11/11

    Just a reminder, digital copy of film drops tomorrow in iTunes. Actual Blu-Ray/DVD release is next week. Trailer for the film...
  7. illmaticsoulchild

    IN TIME - By Andrew Niccol (Timberlake, Wilde, Seyfried) - 10/28/11 - Out Now..

    The film is by a writter/director that I admire a lot, Andrew Niccol (who also wrote The Truman Show, Gattaca, & Lord of War). I'm still not sold on Timberlake and Seyfried as the leads, but Niccol is one of the best storytellers in the industry, and this should be a solid film at worst...
  8. illmaticsoulchild

    Mother Angry Store Sold Sex Toy To Underage Girl

    Can't embed the video...  @ the expression of the mom's face at 0:38.. Must be a slow news cycle in South Florida
  9. illmaticsoulchild

    Need Input on the Best Streaming Movie Service (ie. Netflix/Blockbuster, etc...)

    Long story short, my external HD died on me. I stored HD rips of a bunch of movies ranging from 4-8GB each. I have all the films backed up and "packed" on hundreds of DVD's but no way in hell I'm buying a new HD and rebuilding the collection. Anyways, it seems like streaming media is taking off...
  10. illmaticsoulchild


    Video is some public TV looking segment about a guy discussing why he wouldn't go out with a big girl. He mentions many quotables including (paraphrasing, of course) "when you make love to big girl you need to go in with a game plan" and "you need to know the geometry of angles or else you'll...
  11. illmaticsoulchild

    Need assistance on the best social networking site for...

    I'm pretty inept when it comes to any type of social networking site outside of Facebook, so please excuse my ignorance. Long story short, for the past 3 months I've been in the development phase of a screenplay. If that sounds long, it is. Some fellow aspiring screenwriters have told me to just...
  12. illmaticsoulchild

    Excuse my tardiness.. THE WU-TANG NAMES GENERATOR

    I know I deserve a late pass of epic proportion, but I'm surprised I've never seen this before. Only reason it was brought to my attention is that Donald Glover mentioned it on an interview with Jimmy Fallon (lots of lulz, click for full interview). Anyways, THE WU-TANG NAMES GENERATOR My moniker:
  13. illmaticsoulchild

    THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Official Thread - 6/28 - TV Spot 10 on Last Page (More Selina Kyle)

    All officially released content will be updated on this page. Please tread carefully in this thread, unfortunately spoilers have been posted already. For Full HD Links go to: Apple Trailers Teaser Trailer Theatrical Trailer Second Theatrical Trailer Movie Posters Banners...
  14. illmaticsoulchild


    Ouch! Hopefully they just focus on a feature film.. Source: SHH! I still think Taylor Cole would have made a much better Wonder Woman, but i'll give the pilot a chance (mostly because Elizabeth Hurley is in it).
  15. illmaticsoulchild

    Tony Stark's Home On Sale.. For a measly $25 mil...

    I usually don't care too much about threads on NT about homes, but this one has been a favorite of mine since the film came out. Not exactly the same, but you can definitely see the similarities.. [Original Link] And if this is too modern/contemporary or are on a budget Cameron's home from...
  16. illmaticsoulchild

    Quick question for graphic design people..

    I asked this question last week, but I created a TDKR shirt on skreened and it came out looking pretty good. I'm trying to create another one using the silhouette of one of the images from TDKR. In case it matters, here is the image. Anyways, since I want to finish the cape and the quality on...
  17. illmaticsoulchild

    Any good sites where you can make custom T-Shirts (ie Skreened)?

    Long story short, I was looking for a good Batman logo t-shirt (specifically the TDKR Frank Miller logo), but all either have designs I don't like or are on regular shirts (looking to have a shirt that's more fitted). Anyways, I already have the logo/design ready to go and looking for some...
  18. illmaticsoulchild

    Official Comic Book Artwork & Images Thread - Volume 2

    I'm too lazy to find the first one (possibly back in the ezBoard days), but here's a couple to start things off.. Bonus: Mark Hamill Voices the Joker in the Animated series.. [/spoiler]
  19. illmaticsoulchild

    APB - NT Detectives Enter Here, Identification Required

    "What I want from each and every one of you is a hard-target search of every gas station, residence, warehouse, farmhouse, henhouse, outhouse and doghouse in that area." [/spoiler] [/spoiler] [/spoiler] More evidence will be provided. Good luck gentlemen.
  20. illmaticsoulchild

    Souvenir Ideas from L.A.?

    I'm originally born and  raised in L.A. and moved out to FL a couple years ago. I let my guard down and made the mistake of letting my co-workers know that I was going back for a week and I've gotten requests for souvenirs. I'm probably going to just buy a bunch of shirts from the Baldwin Park...
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