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  1. timbo109

    Chubbies Shorts Appreciation Thread Vol. Skies Out Thighs Out The purpose of this thread is to celebrate the best current men's fashion brand out there: Chubbies Short. No other brand out there produces cooler products for my demographic (jack3d early-mid 20s bros who drink beers, enjoy hanging out with AAWGs, put double...
  2. timbo109

    GeoGuessr - Guess where the Google Maps Streetview Picture comes from

    Ran across this game. It's pretty fun; good way of killing time and testing your geography skills. Basically, you are presented with a Google Maps Streetview of a location (you can navigate around same way you would on Google Maps) and you have to place a point on a map...
  3. timbo109

    Bicycles - Vol. Commuting

    Help me out brahs. I'm starting a new job in a bike friendly city. Probably won't have a car and would prefer to bike then public transit. Anyways, I'm looking to purchase a solid commuter bike. Doesn't have to be anything too fancy, Preferably on the cheaper end of the spectrum. Also...
  4. timbo109

    Street Canvassers Unappreciation Vol. "no i don't have a minute to spare for the environment"

    If you're in New York, you should know what I'm talking about. i need to vent real quick about those annoying @+* ACLU, Environment, etc people trying to stop me on the street and trying to get me to donate money to theircause. they really need to stop. i mean i agree with their causes for...
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