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  1. npa07

    Black Infrared VI's returning in 2014. NO GM TALK!

    still rocking my 2010s
  2. npa07

    what was your first car ?

    93' ES300 I copped for $900 and I thought I was the man whipping that car lol
  3. npa07

    Did Lil Jon's "Grand Finale" deliver???? /// Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz Appreciation Thread

    Yall dont know how hard I was bumping this joint on prom night!
  4. npa07

    Official Jay Rock New Album 2014 Thread

    I was surprised by Schoolboy Q's album its pretty good. Im patiently waiting on soul project and I hope Jay rock blows up this time around.
  5. npa07

    52 Week Money Challenge vol. 2014.... Week 24 - 6/9

    I usually just take $50-$100 out of each check everyweek. I also do overtime which allows me to take out even more money.
  6. npa07

    Toonami Appreciation

    REBOOT! wooow man I thought I was the only one up on that show when I was in elementary lol
  7. npa07

    The Walking Dead - Official Thread

    This episode was decent I just wish they put in more content, like stuff happened but it barely progressed it was like wellness check episode. Also, When Glen broke the tackle I couldn't believe im like "c'mon serious? lmao", all BS aside im glad Glen is alive. Carrol came out of nowhere! I...
  8. npa07

    V.2014 ITS BALLING SEASON AGAIN.....TAXES!!! Where you doing yours?

    I owe the IRS from the previous year, so if i get a return im sure the IRS is snatching right back.
  9. npa07

    Battlefield 4: The Thread

    Okay cool I'll be on around 830 pst so we can own some noobs.
  10. npa07

    Hinge Takeover >>> Tinder, Bumble Pof

    First off, hats off to @steebiej for posting up those pics. I see you out there putting up those numbers, fam. Secondly, POF and OKC are both great sites. I have profiles on both and I pull fairly well on both. I think it depends on your area to be honest because I get hit up by black, white...
  11. npa07

    Battlefield 4: The Thread

    Slicknick im going to add you on xbox 360. My GT is bato37. I had a nice amount of people to run with, but they all switched over to xbox one.
  12. npa07

    Action Bronson - Only For Dolphins

    me and my brother are hitting up the shows in LA
  13. npa07

    I'm 18, and I gotta Bentley will never see me with a empty cup....

    i used to bump that "u gotta feel me" regular and screwed and chopped. I didnt know lil flip was still rapping though!
  14. npa07

    Hinge Takeover >>> Tinder, Bumble Pof

    Match is basura
  15. npa07

    Hinge Takeover >>> Tinder, Bumble Pof

    Maaaan I cannot stay off POF. I love living in LA because everyone comes from all over the place to live here or go to school, so I have a nice mash up of females to choose from. I smashed this Russian chick last week. We went to a bar in studio city and he paid for all the drinks too even after...
  16. npa07

    Hinge Takeover >>> Tinder, Bumble Pof

    man chicks peep my profile and message me on the regular my dude stop throwing shade, B and :x:x:x at the ****** :{
  17. npa07

    Hinge Takeover >>> Tinder, Bumble Pof

    Man im overwhelmed i cant keep with the amount of yambs being throw my way. I have so many numbers in my phone and Ive only went through 4 chicks. Im thinking about deleting my profile :{
  18. npa07

    Black Friday 2013 Thread.

    dude is referring to 4TB of HD space like its 4GB Lmao
  19. npa07

    Reporter Wants The D....Vol Don't make it weird

    Meredith went in wow! Idk about you guys but i would go in on her old ***:smokin
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