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  1. boxdok

    2021 NBA Draft Thread

    Duren reminds me a lot of prime Amare when he played with the Suns.
  2. boxdok

    The Official Netflix Thread Tho: Recommend Streaming Movies

    Trying to start a new series since Mares of Eastown is wrapping up. Im undecided between Gomorrah or True Detective. Any recommendations?
  3. boxdok

    John Elliott + Co Thread

  4. boxdok

    HBO Max | Out Now | The Nevers Sunday 9PM

    Is the Nevers worth watching.?I watched the first episode and it really didn't catch my attention. I also looked at reviews online and they were pretty crappy. I need a new shows to watch
  5. boxdok

    OFFICIAL 2020-2021 NBA Off-Season Thread: SVG and Scott Brooks Get The Boot

    His defense is trash, But he is shooting over 54 percent on mostly perimeter shots and he is shooting almost 45 percent on 3s. He is also an above average rebounder. I still stand by the fact he is one of the better shooters in the league.
  6. boxdok

    OFFICIAL 2020-2021 NBA Off-Season Thread: SVG and Scott Brooks Get The Boot

    No reason for Porter to pass when he is probably the 3rd best all around shooter in the league and he is 6'10
  7. boxdok

    Air Jordan 1 OG High “Pollen” - FALL 2021

    Colorway is pretty easy to pull off with a pair of black jeans or joggers and a simple t-shirt or hoodie.
  8. boxdok

    2021 NBA Draft Thread

    Shariffe would be a great fit on the knicks imo. I can see Tom pushing on the defensive end and him averaging a lot of steals. He can also help Rj and Randle get easy shots
  9. boxdok


    I’m hoping he does a early release for folks who live in Atlanta,kind of like Notre did for the Dunk release
  10. boxdok


    How is the weight on BK Circus Varsity. I am hoping its not too heavy and i can wear it if its 70 degrees.
  11. boxdok

    PYP VOL ......odd times

  12. boxdok

    Hinge Takeover >>> Tinder, Bumble Pof

    I personally love short chicks. I'm 6'3 myself. some of my most memorable experiences are with chicks 5 foot and shorter. I feel like they be having some sort of Napoleon complex. They be going extra hard in the bedroom and they are aggressive from jump. I find i have to put a lot less work in.
  13. boxdok

    OFFICIAL 2020-2021 NBA Off-Season Thread: SVG and Scott Brooks Get The Boot

    Michael Porter is clearly the 2nd best player on the Nuggets, makes no sense that he is still coming off the bench.
  14. boxdok


    I want to cop a pair of the Rhude Rhecess high. If I am a 10.5 in Jordan 1, would i buy a 43 or 44 in the Rhude
  15. boxdok

    The *NEW* Official PlayStation Thread | Vol. Playstation 5 | Cyberpunk is TRASH.

    Is popfindr legit. My local target says there is 8 in stock and its only a 10 minute drive. I.m contemplating making the drive
  16. boxdok

    Official Air Jordan 1 Retro High Thread Vol: Best Model/Thread

    Just got Access to Black and Gold on Snkrs
  17. boxdok

    What jackets yall rockin this fall/winter?

    They are re releasing steep Tech. Ninjahood you copping
  18. boxdok

    Official NT Cologne Thread: Current Splits *check most current page* HTTP is an online exclusive by

    Can you’ll recommend a good daily cologne for fall since the weather is cooling down. Budget is around 100
  19. boxdok


    Does anyone remember what time last year Amiri did there 50 percent off sale on everything on the website.? There is a pair of web exclusive jeans I want. I’m afraid they may sell out before that sale occurs
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