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    Any djs on NT?

    I’m interested in getting into djing and need some guidance. I know I’m going digital because I don’t have the space or resources to go analaog, but what do I need to get started? Also any books or YouTube videos would be helpful. Since I’m new I’m not really sure what the credible sources...
  2. ASE

    Help me build a PC... Please?

    I'm building my first computer and need some help. I'm looking for a guide to let me know what I need to buy and maybe some tips on where to purchase parts All help is appreciated.
  3. ASE

    Michael Jordan's ranking in major statistical categories?

    I’m trying to find his all-time ranking in points, rebounds, assists, blocks and steals. Points is easy, but I’m having a lot of trouble with the rest. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. ASE

    I'm tired of irons; tell me about garment steamers

    I'm in the market for a garment steamer. I need something that can handle denim.  Any information or suggestions on a particular model will be greatly appreciated.
  5. ASE

    School me on water pitchers

    I'm looking at Brita and Pur pitchers. I've tried looking at reviews, but the vast majority of them are bias. What kind do you have and why?
  6. ASE

    NT DTs, how can I find who this is texting me?

    Someone is sending me weird text messages about watching me and coming to see me. Is there any way I can find out who it is or get any info that might be able to help me determine who it is?
  7. ASE

    Med students and physicians recommend me sources for research

    I'm looking for reputable sources to research diseases and anatomy. I currently use WebMD and CDC, but they fall short in the anatomy department. For example, I was looking up the colon and there was a ton of info on colon cancer, but I really just wanted information on what the colon does.  
  8. ASE

    Where can I find Fidel's interview with subtitles?

    Fidel has started to make public appearances again and released an interview. Does anyone know where I can find it with subtitles? Also, I'm interested in visiting Cuba. Anyone have any knowledge on traveling there?
  9. ASE

    Price Check: Jordan 10/13 CDP, Air Max 90 infrared(HOA) both in size 8.5

    I don't see many listings anywhere for these shoes. What's fair market value for them? Thanks.
  10. ASE


    I'm watching the Texas game and the browser just shut down on me. I'm using Safari. This also happened to me in the summer, several times, when I wastrying to watch the Confederation cup. Has anybody experienced this? Can you help me fix it? Thanks.
  11. ASE

    Is Metal, Rock?

    Im sitting here with my cousin and he's listening to German Metal. So just for the sake of starting a conversation, I say 'Why are you listening toGerman Rock?' He replies with, 'First of all, it's Metal and Metal isn't Rock.' I stopped right there, because he's 'that guy.' So, Is Metal not...
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    What are these?

  13. ASE

    Did you buy "Untitled"?

    I bought it and Itunes won't let me import it. Did I get a faulty disk or something?
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