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  1. swooshman23

    People from Oregon, help a brother out!

    Whats up NT Fam I'm trying to step my SB game up and I'm having a hard time locating skate shops that host SB releases, specifically around the Portland area or closer to the coast; Salem area perhaps. Anything helps! Thanks
  2. swooshman23


    Cut the *&%$. Drake is the dude right now. He's a lyrical wordsmith and his flow is ridiculous not to mention this cat can sing. Overrated? Or just the best in the game?
  3. swooshman23

    Blonde or Brunette?

    Alright, NT. Help a brother out. I date a lot of girls but now that Im getting older, long term seems to be getting more and more attractive to me. So Ive recently been with this blonde for the past 8 months, and like all others that Ive dated, this b*%$# is scandalous! Hella untrustworthy and...
  4. swooshman23

    Favorite Beer

    You're a man and you got mad love for the heat on your feet. But what about the brew- Its in our blood, right? Got a favorite? Mine? Gotta love the dark brew and my friend recently turned me on to Ninkasi which is an Oregon local brewing company. But you can't get better that good ol' Oregon's...
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