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  1. mojodmonky1

    Learn me on everything about Tokyo please

    I figure we have some world travelers on here. Whats good with Tokyo or even other parts of Japan? I'm only going to be there for a short time (5 days) and I am completely flying blind. I bought a JapanRail pass so I can have the option to check out some other towns/cities as well. Whats...
  2. mojodmonky1

    Anyone ever traveled to Croatia, Slovenia, or East Europe in General?

    I need a vacation and would like to get off the beaten path a bit, but not too far off where the language barrier will be an issue. I know that Croatia seems to be a very popular destination these days, and wanted to see if anyone had any insight. Anyone ever been to Dubrovnik, Split, or Hvar...
  3. mojodmonky1

    Whats for lunch today? vol. Free Burger at Islands

    For you NTers who live in CA, AZ, NV, or HI and have an Islands near by.  Free burger today. Go on FB and check out the Islands FB page.  If you print out a picture that they have posted on their page, you get a free Mavericks Burger today. On their website, they also have some promotion for a...
  4. mojodmonky1

    Pakistani/Indian Dub Step Dance Party clip - anyone have it?

    It was awhile back but someone posted a thread with a youtube clip of some Pakistani or Indian dudes dancing to a dubstep beat with some funny captions in it.  If anyone can point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  5. mojodmonky1

    Would you trade DMP's for Galaxy Foams?

    I been a NT: General guy for awhile, and havent really kept up with the resale market of shoes. Is it a fair trade if someone was offering Galaxy Foams for my DMP VI/XI pack, or am I better off trying to sell my pack for cash?  Only reason I would consider trading them is cause my cousin wanted...
  6. mojodmonky1

    The best thing I ever ate in SF proper is _____________

    Hello Friends. I am a fat kid who loves to eat good food.  I have heard that SF poops on the cuisine in LA so I will be making the trek up north to eat in a couple weeks..  I am staying around Union Square.  Please point me in the right direction.  What are the cant miss restaurants that I must...
  7. mojodmonky1

    Anyone train/practice any Martial Arts?

    if so, what art form do you practice?  how long have you been training? In my advanced age I've recently started to train some martial arts, and regret not doing it when I was younger.  My purpose for training is mostly for regular exercise and as a hobby (learning new technique).  I'm not...
  8. mojodmonky1

    Diablo III Beta - anyone on?

    Finally got the D3 Beta client downloaded and ready to go.  I had some difficulties logging on last night but looks like the servers are back up.  Anyone else on?
  9. mojodmonky1

    NT Sports Injury Doctors Check in - Shoulder Injury

    Just wanted to see if anyone has had a similar experience or injury.  I have a doc appointment scheduled for tomorrow to get it checked out, but if its not too serious I might save myself a couple of bucks and just cancel. Was drilling takedowns in my brazillian jiu jitsu class last night.  I...
  10. mojodmonky1

    Happy Birthday proper english.

    HBD. damb... 32? gettin up there in age
  11. mojodmonky1

    Mom turns in her own kids for attempted robbery

    MILWAUKEE, WI -- The mom dropped a dime on her teen-aged kids. Now, she's being praised by police officials in Milwaukee. Police Capt. David Zibolski says the mother recognized her 16-year-old son and 17-year-old daughter in security video of a gas station robbery. The footage was shown on a...
  12. mojodmonky1

    Anyone practice BJJ, Judo, Sambo, Catch, or other forms of Submission Grappling?

    Big thanks to Club27 for helping motivate me to get up off my fat butt and finally enroll at my local BJJ school.  I've only been at it for a few weeks now but I love it.  I just wanted to see or hear about other people's experiences with it, and maybe get some tips for a newb just starting out.
  13. mojodmonky1

    Question for my fellow left handed people

    Do you guys always try to grab the prime left handed seat when you are sitting down at a table to eat?  By prime seat I mean the one that is the end seat on the left side so that your arm is not constantly bumping the person next to you (since there is no one there) while you are eating. I'm...
  14. mojodmonky1

    Calling any NT Detectives with Facebook snooping skills

    Many thanks to the NT detectives who have helped me in the past. I am trying to find out some information about someone on FB, most importantly, where they are currently staying.  Nothing illegal.  Anyone able to crack the info for me will have $50 paypal'd to them upon confirmation that the...
  15. mojodmonky1

    Unarmed naked man shot dead by LAPD

    I had the pleasure of getting a double wake up call last night/this morning.  The first one was at about 3am when I heard someone outside yelling and screaming.  Fortunately/Unfortunately I didnt get out of bed to look out the window.  The second wake up call was at 530AM this morning by the...
  16. mojodmonky1

    Furniture Shops?

    I know that NT might not be the best place for this, but thought I would give it a shot. Anyone know any good spots that sell decent to good quality furniture at good prices?  I want to get something a bit more substantial than the particle board flimsyness of Ikea stuff (real hardware, real...
  17. mojodmonky1

    Tips on Mounting an LCD TV?

    Hopefully some of you home theater/tech guru's can help lead me in the right direction.  I want to mount my LCD TV above my fireplace (gas fireplace, so I'm 99% there is no full chimney behind that wall).  My house is set up kinda funny and all the outlets/wall plates are against a different...
  18. mojodmonky1

    Camping at Coachella?

    Whats going on guys.  Anyone going to Coachella this year?  Anyone happen to have (or know anyone) selling a hard ticket for a camp spot at Coachella?  Hit me up on PM if you got any leads.
  19. mojodmonky1

    Niketown 20% off trick - vol. sticking it to corporate America

    So whenever I see a flaw in a system, I feel that it is our duty as red blooded American's to take advantage of that loophole. Recently, some jabroni $9/hr making retail employee at Niketown LA decided to waste my time by telling me I could not return something for store credit even though it...
  20. mojodmonky1

    Anyone get an invite to the Starcraft 2 Beta?

    I am trying to finagle an invite myself, but it doesn't look promising. Anyone care to share some feedback on how it is so far?
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