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  1. rockinjs4lyf

    Jordan 1 BRED and ROYAL LC/PC

    Need a quick legit check. If legit, maybe also a price on them Will rep all who comment.
  2. rockinjs4lyf

    Defining Moments Package LC/PC

    I just purchased these in a 9.5, which i had been looking for a long time. Only able to find in a 9 or 10. Im 99.9999% sure they are authentic, but what about a price check? I believe everything OG except the dog tags. Thanks in advance
  3. rockinjs4lyf

    HELP!! Need some stores to hit up this week. Ceres/Modeto/Stockton/!!!

    Whats up Niketalk. Im currently visiting family here in Norcal and am located in Ceres. Wondering if i could get some ideas on what stores to hit up. Looking for anything about 1 hour away in radius to me, im like 5 miles away from Modesto. Notlooking for anything in particular just anything...
  4. rockinjs4lyf

    TN, What High School You Go 2?

    Haywood High School # 28 on soccer team # 98 on the football team!!
  5. rockinjs4lyf

    Memphis N'Ters

    anybody know if any of the city gears or other shoes stores are getting the spiz'ike this weekend?
  6. rockinjs4lyf

    Memphis N'Ters

    i just moved down here to memphis and i was wonderin were i can buy some jordans? places that carry LS styles? any help welcomed
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