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  1. izitdashoez

    ChopDJ App for iphone???

    Does anyone have the ChopDJ app for there Iphone/Itouch, if so would you mind answering a few questions? 1. How do you erase old wav's that you no longer want? 2. After successfully chopping the material you want how do you combined it with other material you've created?
  2. izitdashoez

    Planning My friends Bachelor Party... Any Ideas?

    So my friend is getting married in Miami and I'm trying to throw him a bachelor party, but I'm not from Miami and I know close to nothing about thearea... NTers any ideas/suggestion for his last night as a free man?
  3. izitdashoez

    Is A Girl A Virgin If....

    So I was chillin with one of my boys last night, and some how some way we got on topic about his ex-girl. Her virginity was up for questioning; he said hedidn't consider her a virgin because she used a D. I argued this, but started to question it after a while. So NT is a girl a virgin if she...
  4. izitdashoez

    Never Been To Cali!!!!

    So I never been on the west coast but if all goes right with this chick I met over winter break I might coming out next month. Nters where are some good spots to check out while out there?
  5. izitdashoez

    Official Christmas Shopping Thread.... Vol. Bush + Recession = No Gifts

    NT what is everyone buying there friends and family for Christmas.... Mine will be lucky to get a Christmas card!
  6. izitdashoez

    Sports Wives Appreciation Vol. I Wish I was a little bit taller" cannot be displayed, because it contains errors."src="">" cannot be displayed, because it contains...
  7. izitdashoez

    Post Your Latest Purchase (Cars, Shoes, etc...)

    So NTers whats the newest things you've purchased, I need some ideas I haven't came across much that I liked as of lately.
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