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  1. watchmen

    Sean Penn &...

    And [/spoiler]
  2. watchmen

    Found the video... Enjoy

    Some guy is on a talk show (maybe Maury) and says girls are lining up to be with me and a lady in the crowd says I'm not or I'm at the back of that line.* The Man says maybe if you got on the treadmill every once in a while you would be at the front of the line* (fat joke). Girl makes a...
  3. watchmen

    Whitney Cummings went in!!! ( Hasselhoff Roast )

    I sorta feel bad for Pam and "The Hulk"...
  4. watchmen

    Don't Be Afraid of The Dark (2011) - Trailer

    Looks pretty good especially since there hasn't been a good horror movie in a while... That last part got me though [/spoiler]
  5. watchmen

    Halo: Reach - 9.14.2010... thoughts?

    Game is looking pretty good. The beta was actually really good and the new stuff Bungie is doing has me looking forward to the game. The only thing I want from Reach is Halo 1 story & Halo 2 multiplayer No game had better multiplayer than Halo 2 not even Modern Warfare 1 Halo: Reach was...
  6. watchmen

    Weeds - Season 6

    First three seasons were really good but the last two not so much. I wish that Conrad Shepard/Romany Malco was still on the show but at least they're going back to selling. First episode premieres August 16, 2010
  7. watchmen

    Pedo Dog

  8. watchmen

    First Halo (Movie) Trailer

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