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  1. treewing


    My best friend, our friend Dez and I have the opportunity to make parody music videos for Russell Simmons's All Def Digital YouTube channel and this is our latest video:
  2. treewing

    .::The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl x Pharrell's i am OTHER. Season 2 June 14th!!::.

    Season 2 premiere June 14th!!!!
  3. treewing

    .::Secret Parking Garage (VIDEO)::.

  4. treewing

    .:: Are you CNECTD? (",) ::. I searched but didn't see a thread on this. Anyone use this program? How is it? Post your sn's here as well.... Add me: Trans_Am Add the NT Group: NIKETALK
  5. treewing

    .::Sup baby, what yo retirement plan lookin' like? Gandma's sexy::.

    How is she 72 lookin' like this???
  6. treewing

    .:: Dr. Dre HP Commercial (Video) ::.

    "We tore the computer apart and rebuilt it so my music sounds the way its supposed to." that dude is funny whoever he is...
  7. treewing

    .::NT, Swing Ya Rag vs. Who's Real vs. On To the Next One vol. Choose One::.

    NT, which one do you think was the better track? Granted we couldn't get a video for "Swing Ya Rag" Swizz Beatz outdid himself on all the tracks My choice is Jay's track, I loved the original sample "D.A.N.C.E. live version" and once Swizz looped it that made it even more proper. The contenders:
  8. treewing

    .::New music from NT's own: LC - Major::.

  9. treewing

    .::eBay 30-day Selling Limit, what the...?::.

    Hey, NT... So I'm getting rid of a lot of my shoes cuz I have to pay my bail or... whatever that's besides the point. So far I've sold 6 shoes and now that I'm trying to list more it gives me this message: Important message We'resorry for the inconvenience, but in order to maintain a safe...
  10. treewing

    .::Job Hunting Vol. Internet Applications vs. In Person Applications::.

    Hey, NT... I was recently reluctantly let go of my supervisor position and now I'm looking for a new job. So far I filled out quite a few applications online and none in person because, honestly, I hate the whole "job hunting" experience. My mom asked me if I got a job yet (I was JUST let go...
  11. treewing

    >::FEAR OF A BLACK HAT: The Documentary of N.W.H::

    � I haven't seen it but my girl kept showing me clips of it on Youtube.... This is the same dude who went on to direct Chappelle's Show. Has anyone seenthis??
  12. treewing


    I love these!!
  13. treewing

    .::Seriously, what the HELL is wrong with Stuart Scott's eyes?????::.

    None of my friends seem to know the answer to this question... everytime I see dude at halftime I get creeped the hell out.... so does anyone know??
  14. treewing

    .::THE 2009 SoCal SUMMIT: NT as a Community..... (except 56k users)::.

    Sup y'all.... so we had yet another successful NT gathering where we had tons of fun and laughs. This Summit wasagain hosted by none other than Ben Baller and as a farewell gift, we showed him our appreciation by coming together and pitching in to get him a lil'sumn'-sumn'.... Enjoy the pics...
  15. treewing

    .::HAPPY BIRTHDAY to NT's own..... Ben Baller::.

    Happy 36 th. BD Mr. K-Town "If you give me a bowl of rice and I'll build you a Chinese Restaurant..." Go hard at your party, Ben... get it in like a Porn Star, lmao...
  16. treewing

    .::Project Magnum Porsche Cayenne: By Platinum Motorsport::.

    Platinum does it again with another super-fierce car customization. This Porsche Cayenne Turbo S, codenamed Project Magnum, was recently completed a coupledays ago and I thought I'd share some of the development photos with the NT community.... U ready...
  17. treewing

    .::Rob Dyrdek's Matte White Tahoe, the new trend in car customization?::.

    We had the wave of vehicles with the matte black paint treatment but matte white? This is Rob Dyrdek's new Tahoe done up by Platinum Motorsport here inL.A. I dunno about this one... it kinda reminds me of a white wall with the potential of gettin' dirty hand prints on it...
  18. treewing


    Did anyone see that commercial with Larry and Magic!!?!?!?! %#!@ gave me goosebumps!!!
  19. treewing


    I am waiting for someone to start rockin' these again...
  20. treewing

    .::It's Official, The Jewelry Thread Vol. 10: Kiddin' like Jason::.

    Let's try to keep the soap opera drama outta this one....
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