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  1. urb

    Going to Columbus/Cleveland This Week, Need Some Advice

    Hey NT fam, I'm going to Columbus/Cleveland this week to watch the Cal/Ohio St. game (yes I know we're big underdogs but cut me some slack :D ), I am also planning to visit the hall of fame and watch the Indians/Tigers game. Other than that I have no other plans, is there any place that I...
  2. urb

    How do you transport your bicycles?

    Hello Niketalk, I recently purchased a road bike and it cannot fit in my Accord, how do you guys transport your bike from point A to point B? I was thinking about getting a Roof Rack but it's gonna put a hole in my account. I was thinking about getting a trunk rack or something like this. But...
  3. urb

    California State University, East Bay (CSUEB)

    I'm making a new thread since the old one didn't transfer to the new site. Anyone else still go here besides me? :lol
  4. urb

    Has anyone been an intern for Northwestern Mutual?

    Hey my NT fam, I got a call back from Northwestern Mutual for their Finanicial Service Internship and after reading reviews and more information about the position I'm unsure if I still want to do it. I would like to know if any NTers have been an intern for this position and what are their...
  5. urb

    MLB 12: The Show

    I tried searching if anyone made a thread about this game yet and I couldn't find anything so I decided to make a thread. I copped this game last Friday right before my spring break started  and I've been buying this game every year or about four years I think. I looked up reviews and stuff to...
  6. urb

    Official Oakland Athletics 2012 Season Thread (94-68) AL WEST CHAMPIONS

    OAKLAND ATHLETICS 2012 SEASON THREAD Spring Training is right around the corner. Key Arrivals (via Bleacher Report) Yoenis Cespedes Josh Reddick Jarrod Parker Ryan Cook Collin Cowgil Cedric Hunter Evan Scribner Brad Peacock Tom Milone Merkin Valdez Bartolo Colon Seth Smith Jonny...
  7. urb

    Any good shoe repair shops in the East Bay?

    Hey NTers do you guys know any good shoe repair shops in the East Bay? Some of my shoes need sole reattachment and I don't trust myself with shoe glue. Thanks!
  8. urb

    Custom Basketball Jerseys?

    Hey my NTers back home, my grandma went back home for vacation and I'm looking for a good shop that makes customized jerseys & shorts somewhere in the Manila area.  I'm looking for some jerseys for a team I am trying to put together. Thanks! 
  9. urb

    Question about Best Buy's Performance Service Plan

    Hey Niketalk, I bought my laptop back in June 2008 with a 3 year performance service plan, and today my laptop's screen went out for some odd reason. It's not physically damaged, because the splash screen shows up, but when it comes to the log in page the screen like turns off. I'm wondering if...
  10. urb

    Help: Converting a video and correct bitrate?

    Hey NT I have a video that's due next week, and I'm using the Flip Ultra HD and it only records on a .mp4 format. I am using Windows Movie Maker so I have to convert it, I am using Any Video Converter to convert .mp4 to .wmv and I want to keep the aspect ratio but have its play smoothly, I...
  11. urb

    Video Converting HELP!

    Hey NT I'm planning to make a slideshow/video for this club I'm in and all my videos from my Canon is .mov files and I want to convert to a differentfile so Windows Movie Maker can support it. Any good converting programs? Or any other alternative video/slideshow making programs? I'm on a vista...
  12. urb

    Hey NT! Please take this online survey for my class.

    Hello my fellow my NTers, please take this survey for my Recreation class. Most of my classmates are surveying around the campus and I decided to take adifferent approach towards this assignment. Thank you and please answer this with all seriousness and honesty. Here is the survey. Thanks again.
  13. urb

    Good places to get tint in the 510?

    I'm trying to get my Honda Accord 2008 4dr tinted, about 20% or 30% the back seat windows and the back window. Can anyone recommend me to a good place,that has a reasonable price and has good quality tint. Any input will be appreciated, thanks NT.
  14. urb

    Anyone go to San Jose State?

    Well I'm a senior in HS, and I'm really planning on going to SJSU dorming perhaps. I want to go to Berkeley but no way in hell my grades can do it. So SJSU is my second and most likely choice. Anyone here goes there? How's the city? Campus life? Housing? Thanks NT.
  15. urb

    Simpsons Midnight Premiere in the 510?

    Who knows where they're airing a midnight release at? I'm going to be gone this weekend, and I want to catch it before, someone spoils it for me. Team49ers XVI . XIX . XXIII . XXIV . XXIX Bay Area 510
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