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  1. ajwings23

    G O A T + Flight Club Merger

    I don't know how many people saw this yet, but this was exciting to see this morning. What are your thoughts on this? I haven't posted on here in years, so here it goes. If this doesn't go here, please feel free to move and if already posted, do your thing accordingly. Dear Seller, When we...
  2. ajwings23

    NT..Today is my B'Day today.

    So I wanna thank God for today, my Moms and Pops..I don't know what am gonna be doing today. Just wanna share with yall since this place is like a home. Juss a lil bonus pic..Met X at the mall last weekend.
  3. ajwings23

    Just Saw Raekwon NT..sorry no pics

    Didn't think it was him at in So Cal I did look again and it was him.. I just admire their work( W T) love his work..I was driving out of Chipotle back to work..Just thought I will share..
  4. ajwings23

    Official NIKETALK Appreciation Post...

    Been here for a lil bit..used to come on here but couldn't really make any post..I remember talking to Jrose on yuku and he helped me out.. Thanks to all the Mods who make this a better place for all of us to share our openions. Cam. Nelson/ all those who put in work for this site we all come...
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