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  1. litesole

    question regarding the "Nike Air" fuss...

    I dono if this has been covered... but whats the difference in using the swoosh for the 1's and using "nike air" for the 3's iv's etc? isthere a reason why it was cool for the 1s... but no other shoe?
  2. litesole

    Confirmed XX3 *edited*

    heres the story.... **** my story... had to edit to cover my buttocks... ************ *****and add my tag... i love you ppl.. but credit is everything! *******
  3. litesole

    Do you think if they Retro'ed the...

    Do you think if the retro'ed The old JB clothing, for releases such as the aquas, or the VII's, where the gear had the funky designs, and colors, and was alot more bold.. thats it would do well? like the old windbreaker sweatsuits.... or like the jordan sweat shirts where the sleves were 2...
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