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  1. zakaria80

    "Spring And Summer In A Pair Of Shoes" - a small running movie

    Hi there. After one run in my neighborhood's grove I noticed some barley grass pieces firmly attached to my shoes. So I decided to make a movie about that. Be well :)
  2. zakaria80

    When To Properly Unbox Your Running Shoes

    Hello   Runners have many rules of thumb. One of them is the break in period of their new acquired running shoes way before wearing them especially on a race day. Well, let's remedy that shall we? This is a short movie I made during the 10K race at the Marathon Lake in Greece. More in the...
  3. zakaria80

    A short running movie I made

    Hello fellow runners. My name is Zakaria, I am from Greece and I have prepared a short running movie which I will upload on YouTube probably Mid-February and is called "The Basis". Here is the link for the first out of two trailers I made about the movie: Next trailer will be uploaded next...
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