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  1. terrenced

    When will you retire from the shoe game

    I agree you slow down and I have slowed down. I only buy colorways I do not have.
  2. terrenced

    When will you retire from the shoe game

    I agree you slow down and I have slowed down. I only buy colorways I do not have.
  3. terrenced

    Jordan Melo Sneakers

    I have alway purchased the black and university blue Melo until this year when they had a house of hoops release. I love that color.
  4. terrenced

    Air Jordan 25th I -2009 pure white pics

    I will buy all of them hopefully, I will be able to get some of them on sale.
  5. terrenced

    Air Jordan 1 alpha sample - via

    *%@! I can not believe this release the right shoe stop playing nobody wants that trash. What a shame JB shame you release the right shoe!
  6. terrenced


    I am in the Army I have a good friend station in Germany a sneakerhead he pick up mine yesterday. You have to be lucky and know someone.
  7. terrenced


    If this is the case well I think JB is finally DONE but we will still buy the shoes.
  8. terrenced

    LC on

    Has anyone purchase Air Jordans from this site.
  9. terrenced

    AIR JORDAN 2009 Hall of Fame

    Not great but I like
  10. terrenced

    Alabama Heads?

    Well I am in Huntsville I waiting for everyboby to step up my office number is 256 450-9633. I am on Redstone the Army base. Lets stop talking about it and beabout it.
  11. terrenced

    Low XI's info

    There is a picture of Phil Jackson wearing the black/red low out there somewhere. Fire all day.
  12. terrenced

    Who is getting the Hare Jordan 1's tomorrow and from where?

    Got them nice shoe and I love the I's.
  13. terrenced

    ADVICE: 38 YEARS OLD W/ J 'S........

    Well I am 38 also and I have been collecting since 1996 I have over 250 pairs of J's. After the 11/12 CDP I said I was going to slow down which I have. Thereason is my kid is a senior in high school and about to start college so I must focus my money elsewhere. So go for it while your kids are...
  14. terrenced

    Rip Hamilton pays Tribute to late Pistons owner William Davidson on 6 rings

    WOW what a shame this what the Jordan Brand thread has become. I hope JB drop some MAJOR heat soon so you guys can attack something else. RIP has a heartunlike some of you.
  15. terrenced

    Official Air Jordan 11/12 CDP Release post. 12/20/08! NO BUYING/SELLING!!

    WOW!why not add some I do have two size 13 which is great. All most 300 pages.
  16. terrenced

    .::2001 Appreciation Post::.

    Look guy's with nothing going I guess all we can do is hype the past. 2001 was a great year what else can we talk about. Oh by the way MJ was at the NCDuke game. Do you thunk he was wearing heat?
  17. terrenced

    A pic for those who wanted to see tounges folded down

    Forget about shoes tongue down or up whatever what about that hair line WOW!
  18. terrenced

    A quick question

    Sorry double post
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