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  1. BigDanes89

    Supreme Large Storage Box by SIGG SS18 $65

    Asking for $65, PayPal ready. PM for more details.
  2. BigDanes89

    Sneaker Con Bay Area (Santa Clara)

    Anyone going to sneaker con tomorrow in Santa Clara? I'll be there trying to sell/trade some kix.
  3. BigDanes89

    On the way to the...

    PHILIPPINES! Visiting family and chillin. I have an idea what I'm going to do there but going to ask NT fam what I should do. For sure, im visiting the LeBron court out there, my cousin got it set up already. on the plane as im typing this. So where/what should i do?
  4. BigDanes89

    Going on a cruise...

    Thursday morning I will be going on my first cruise with a few of my homies. I will be departing from Long Beach and ending up in Mexico for a day. I believe it is Carnival Cruise. Getting pills and wax on board so I know we gunna turn up. Never been on a cruise ship before, what should I...
  5. BigDanes89

    San Diego?

    Thinking about taking a trip to San Diego, where should I start?
  6. BigDanes89

    Just bought a Mac Book Pro...

    New to this apple product, what are some tips & tricks I should know to get the full potential of this bad boy?
  7. BigDanes89

    Going to Chicago for Vacation.

    Going to the windy city for some R&R in a few months, where should I go NT Bros? I'm from Cali by the way.
  8. BigDanes89

    Is Rap for Poor People?

    I can't help but think that hip hop is made for people living in poverty. I love everything hip hop but a lot of the popular music right now does glorify bad morals (ex. gang violence, money is everything, eff any girl around you, drugs/alcohol is cool..). I've been listening to rap for as long...
  9. BigDanes89


    This Wednesday I will be in Vegas til Saturday. Im 22 and it will be my first time going, I will be with a group of 3 for just cite seeing, but when we go to the clubs we will be DEEP with a lot of homies/home girls. Recommend me some Stuff to do NT. My Limit is a lil over 300 a day. What I...
  10. BigDanes89


    Pretty Good Movie.
  11. BigDanes89

    Clockwork Orange?

    Walked into my pschology class lifted and it was playing. First time watchin it and it was pretty intense. Good Movie though.
  12. BigDanes89

    Where's The...

    Book Club Thread? Need to read some good books NT, help me out.
  13. BigDanes89

    My First NA Meeting

    Went to my first NA (Narcotics Anonymous) meeting. Not for myself because I will never use hard drugs, but for my good friend's mom. She was a guest speaker and she invited me to the meeting. She used to be a meth addict for a long time, but now she's 3 years sober  and supports her family. Very...
  14. BigDanes89

    Going to Santa Barbara this Halloween Weekend

    My homeboy's girl invited us to party with them in SB this weekend. She goes to the University and I've never been there, but I heard it's CRAZY when it comes to partying & that the girls are . Any SB students on NT that can tell me what to expect? What local spots should I hit up?
  15. BigDanes89

    Need Your Help NT Vol. Resume

    I have NO IDEA how to write up a resume, can someone PLEASE show me an example/template for how it's done. I need one for an interview I have tomorrow morning for a security place. If this helps, I don't have a lot of work experience (1 job lasted 2 months), high school deploma, and next...
  16. BigDanes89

    Have You Heard of APOC?

  17. BigDanes89

    What's Your Oldest Memory?

    When I was around 5 years old I went to the Philippines for the first time and when we pulled up to my grandparent's house, all my cousins came up to the window and greeted me in Tagalog. I then asked my mom, "Why are they talking like that?" Kind of random, but I can't remember anything before...
  18. BigDanes89

    Thinking about going to the ARMY, Yay or Nay?

    I saw the Air Force thread, so thought I would post as well.I havn't talked to a recruiter, so I want to know benefits, salary, basic training, ...Any info would be much appreciated.
  19. BigDanes89

    I'm thinking about quitting....

    I'm contemplating stopping my dank smoking. I don't smoke a lot, just occassionally. But lately it feels like every other day I've been burnin because at least one of my friends got some. I live in Cali so our green is always GOOD, and I love smokin out wit my friends. But i just feel I need to...
  20. BigDanes89


    I feel bad for Shogun, everyone in the Staple Center knows that Machida lost. I mean I know Shogun didn't DESTROY him, but he did enough to win. WORSTJUDGING EVER How do you feel 4 those who watched it?
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