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  1. abeautifulhaze

    Don't wanna sound full of myself or rude...

    Height of an era.
  2. abeautifulhaze

    America's Greatest Forgotten Hero...

    R.I.P. Jimmy
  3. abeautifulhaze

    The OG or the Update...You decide:

    Which song is better, the OG version or the remake? Cast your vote and post your own pair...
  4. abeautifulhaze

    Thank Me Later

  5. abeautifulhaze

    I Guess Every Superhero Need His Theme Music...

  6. abeautifulhaze

    I hear y'all talking about the G.O.A.T.

    As time goes by, trends disappear and memories fade...opinions change. I been noticing a lot of questions about why B.I.G. is considered the G.O.A.T. with only 2 albums under his belt. Its a fair question, especially from cats that were too young to really feel sun's impact while he was...
  7. abeautifulhaze

    A day late but let us not forget...R.I.P. Medgar Evers

    This man paid the ultimate sacrifice for the rights that so many of us take for granted today. He is a major reason that many on this board are now able to attend Predominately White Institutions. Ashe Medgar Evers.
  8. abeautifulhaze

    I didn't say this verbally...just had some s_ on my mind

    This joint is a brilliant concept track. Put this against whatever and it stands up.
  9. abeautifulhaze

    RZA speaks on the South. Jay Elec...who?

  10. abeautifulhaze

    The Illuminati Finally Exposed....

    Bizzy Bone Goes In!! [/spoiler]
  11. abeautifulhaze

    9th Wonder Appreciation

  12. abeautifulhaze

    Hovkid was right. Screw the Environment.

      Its an hour long but a real eye opener. Click on the link and check it out when you get the chance. Toxic: Garbage Island
  13. abeautifulhaze

    The Roots - How I Got Over is sounding real good so far

    Free MP3 Download
  14. abeautifulhaze

    Black Rob Interview: Real Spit

    Felt the big homey's energy. Im rooting for his success.
  15. abeautifulhaze

    Whats your opinion on working with a S.O.?

    Guaranteed failure buddy. Guaranteed. Never again.
  16. abeautifulhaze

    This young lady is too cute...*simp mode activated*

    No hypebeast.
  17. abeautifulhaze

    Slugs bubble up in ya stomach like lactose...

    The Grittiest Duo ever to make music over some real Smooth Soulful s_ from the Alchemist. Win.
  18. abeautifulhaze

    Official Mayweather vs. Mosley Thread: Legacy Defining

    Let the Countdown Begin... Click on Spoiler for more Gifs [/spoiler] May 1st Las Vegas, Nevada MGM Grand Garden Arena HBO Pay-Per View The debate will be settled once and for all.
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