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  1. royale


  2. royale

    Jordan space jams? what are these

    Can someone tell Me what these are. Not sure, thanks [/URL]
  3. royale

    How to clear nike air force "invisible"

    Does anyone know how to clear the plastic of the nike seethrough i recently opened them up. I forgot i had these . they been in my closet for years. I noticed they look a bit yellowish. Anybody know. Thanks
  4. royale

    What are these

    Waddup ppl I was with my girl at the mall the other day and i saw this one dude wearing some Nike's. I couldnt get a good look at the kicks cus i didn want the guy to know i was chekin out his nikes(yeah so what) They kinda resembled the air yeezys but the whole shoe was like the front part...
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