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  1. cj723

    Teachers LICKING fingers then touching the paper UN-APPRECIATION

    haha- im a teacher and i do that.
  2. cj723

    Racist Pro Wrestling Gimmicks

    i dont think koko b ware was racist. a black dude that likes parrots. thats not a stereotype known to the masses. unless i was so young that i missed something.
  3. cj723

    who else watches the show "LIFE"

    reese is my favorite female on tv. i think. but i stopped watching when she disappeared.
  4. cj723

    BMWs :Show off Yours

    the old one is just my transportation car.
  5. cj723

    Olivia Munn as Chun Li *smoking pimp hat face*

    a little birdie told me this also.
  6. cj723

    City of Industry: NFL, will it be done? VOL. Back in LA?

    its not often i see phillips ranch mentioned on nt. i taught in that neighborhood last year. now im a street away from garey.
  7. cj723

    Why do most companies pay you every two weeks?

    another monthly person (education)
  8. cj723

    New Cell Phone

    had the glyde for a week. exchanged it for a voyager. the touchscreen sucked.
  9. cj723

    Righteous Kill - Robert Deniro & Al Pacino - September 2008

    i read an article in the la times a few weeks ago blasting this movie as well as pacino and deniro for doing it. from the director of 88 minutes. the article also mentioned that it should be JUUUSSST about as wonderful as 88 minutes was...
  10. cj723

    NT: Smasung Glide or LG Env2???

    i got the glyde last week. its really cool but i think im returning it. the touchscreen sucks. about 75-80% of the time, it works fine, but it has its moments where its unresponsive, or it does respond, but on the adjacent icons ofthe phone. the way that usually fixes it is to slide the phone...
  11. cj723

    I just got a traffic ticket

    i just got my notice for pretty much the same thing. its $159.00 traffic school fee- additional $39.00 the number i called to process my ticket said something about an extra $10.00 for something else, i dunno. im getting traffic school info in the mail within the next 10 days.
  12. cj723

    P90X Workout...

    my friend lost 25 lbs with this program. i have the non-x version, i lost 15 lbs.
  13. cj723

    What air freshener do you use in your car?

    wj4, is that an e60? i just got a cpo a couple weeks ago.
  14. cj723

    NT: Post Your Tips On Selling Text Books

    the best thing i did when i was in school was: when classes start, go early to the class that will eventually be using it, and ask if anyone wants to buy it used for $___ cheaper than the bookstore. peoplewill bid on the spot.
  15. cj723


    saw them at valsurf in pasadena over the weekend.
  16. cj723

    SOCAL earthquake?

    lake elsinores about 30 minutes from me. i felt one BIG shake and that was it.
  17. cj723

    youth charger jerseys- sale price anywhere?

    thank you.
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