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  1. fifaboy03

    Transfering Funds to Another Wells Fargo Customer? Is it Sketchy?

    long story short, my roommate I dont really know needs funds to pay for our electricity and water deposit, and he is asking if I can transfer $ from mywellsfargo account to his wells fargo account. I have his account #. Is it safe to transfer? He can't take $ from my account or hack or anything...
  2. fifaboy03

    Apartment Issue: how to split security deposit?

    Ok so I am splitting an apartment with 3 other people. Our security deposit is going to be $3000 (1 month's rent). So I calculated my share of my rentwhich is 22.8% of $3000. Wouldn't it be fair to split the amount we owe for the deposit by the percentage we pay rent? or should we just split it...
  3. fifaboy03

    What's the average cost of a one way car drive from the Bay to LA?

    What's the average cost of a one way car drive from the Bay to LA? thanks
  4. fifaboy03

    Free Bart til 1 pm today, 8/29

    I would take advantage and go to SF but i got work :(
  5. fifaboy03

    Has anyone had bad experiences with Atlas balikbayan?

    I just sent one and I hope that the box will get to the PI without blowing up or opening CHECK OUT MY BEATS Are You Filipino ? SNITCH BUTTON
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