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  1. allen3xis

    Padded Room Discussion

    what do yall expect? and what do you think Joe needs to bring with this? lota people seem to not mess with him as much lately, hopefully the music answers some things. anyway, tracks..I'm unsure if the track with the Game is indeed on it...since it never spawned as a video single. but i'd say...
  2. allen3xis

    I'm sorry but the little weirdo made a hit..

    Consider it an appreciation post. And I hate this dudesguts. although, Harlem girls > *. Has this been getting any play on the radio or on TV though? I don't listen to the radio or watch BET/MTV anymore.
  3. allen3xis

    What are the Browns thinking?

    Mangini as the leading candidate? Forget that he is an awful coach... you basically just fired him... Is there any sense to this?
  4. allen3xis

    Somebody just ran onto the field at the Bills/Pats game

    im dead serious tv wouldnt show it tho we all know who it was
  5. allen3xis

    Hawaii Bowl - Notre Dame vs Hawaii - 8 ET ESPN Christmas Eve

    I was 7, I'm now 22. . If not now, never. I expect nothing. At least Floyd is back in action.
  6. allen3xis

    ESPN really wants a TO meltdown..

    According to multiple sources within the Dallas Cowboys, there is an emerging internalconflict involving three of the team's highest-profile stars. As the preseason Super Bowl favorites struggle in the final month of the season to simply make...
  7. allen3xis

    Lincoln High (N.Y.) vs Duncanville (Texas) 9:30 p.m. ET. *ESPN* - Lance.

    Lincoln is #2 by USA....Duncanville #19 Lance Stephenson vs Shawn Williams and Roger Franklin. Let's go, Lance
  8. allen3xis

    Syracuse @ Notre Dame 2:30 NBC ET

    again, jobs on the line. No Floyd for the next 2 weeks no prediction other than a W.
  9. allen3xis

    It's Official Zach Randolph to LAC for Mobley and T. Thomas

    Nov 21, 2008 4:41 PM EST The Clippers have acquired forwardZach Randolph and guard Mardy Collins from the New York Knicks for shooting guard Cuttino Mobley and forward Tim Thomas. Talks between the two teams have been ongoing over the past two weeks, and the Clippers made their last offer...
  10. allen3xis

    Notre Dame vs Navy - 12ET CBS - Jobs on the Line

    Who knows... I expect to see going for a 4th and 15 in our own territory with charlie on the playcalling
  11. allen3xis

    Eminem to do "Stan 2"..

    produced by Swizz.. http://community.rapbasem...6FFFF0099EF18001700A55B36 why even touch that track/concept?
  12. allen3xis

    Ransom Pain and Glory 2

    seems like everyone just closed him out..anyway..
  13. allen3xis

    Cliff Lee wins AL Cy Young

    NEW YORK (AP)-Cliff Lee is a runaway winner for the AmericanLeague Cy Young Award, capping a dominant comeback season that made him the second consecutive Cleveland Indians lefty to earn the honor. Demoted to the minors last year, Lee went a major league-best 22-3 this season with a 2.54 ERA...
  14. allen3xis

    New York Jets @ New England Patriots *Thursday 8:15 NFL Network*

    Season defining game, at least on this side. Career defining for Mangini IMO. Yes it is that big of a game. I don't buy injuries catching up with the Pats, I just can't. Belichick just toyed with Mangini earlier this year, sadly I expect more of the same.
  15. allen3xis

    The Spurs talent level is atrocious...

    and right now they seem to get a pass when they flat out suck. Even when Manu comes back...there's 3 players and a bunch of garbage, some young, some old...very old. ...question is....are these Spurs on their last legs? I say so. I don't buy into them being battle tested and all that good...
  16. allen3xis

    Notre Dame @ Boston College - Sat 8PM ET ESPN

    Well, it is BC.......maybe we can finally take one...last week stillhurts....but a win on the road here could ease that pain as taking 1 outa 2 I woulda taken going in... A preview.. BC RUNNING GAME VS. ND RUN DEFENSE The graduated tandem of Andre Callender and L.V. Whitworth combined for 158...
  17. allen3xis

    ***NEW NT Material...Fast Money, Henz, G.o.D. Jewels - Unguided Thoughts*** F Money (fox5kobe), Henz and Jewels All Of Me instrumental with a twist... appreciate getting together to do this. they all have more of their stuff own coming soon.. ENJOY oh yeah, consensus is Henz been rappin undercover for a while...doesn't...
  18. allen3xis

    Brady Quinn to finally start

    just on sc
  19. allen3xis

    Jets @ Bils - 1 ET CBS - Vol. No Chance

    we're about to get our @@+ handed to us on both sides and special teams today.. this leads back to the Oakland game being a must win... Hopefully pressure is square on Mangini's shoulders after today....he wants to tell the players nobody's job is safe...what about your's?
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