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  1. antc105

    Concords 11 GS legit check

    I can't seem to find these anywhere except this one pair on eBay and flight club. They don't have any pics of the soles but judging from the pics provided does anyone have any thoughts?
  2. antc105

    LC on infared 6's

    Saw these on eBay and I don't have any experience with 6's so I'm not sure what to look for. Thanks guys. Look at this on eBay: Jordan Retro 6 Infareds
  3. antc105

    Jordans in Cancun, Mexico?

    Anybody know if the Nike stores in Cancun carry Jordans? I'm here on vacation and was gonna check it out tomorrow but was just wondering if anyone knew off hand. Thanks guys
  4. antc105

    2010 cool grey 11 LC

    I'm still in the fence about these....I bought them from someone on eBay but the shoe trees threw me off a bit. With my other 11's the shoe trees have a sparkled finish and these don't. I'll let you be the judge.
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