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  1. cardinalsinmusic


    Are there any sites selling the CDP 4s by themselves?
  2. cardinalsinmusic

    Website/Store/Outlet Reports for May 2008!

    Are there any sites selling the CDP 4s by themselves?
  3. cardinalsinmusic

    Official Air Jordan XX3 White/Black/Red Post 2/16/08

    My dude, what is you doin' playin' ball in $200 shoes?!?!?! You in the NBA? Lack of respect for money?
  4. cardinalsinmusic

    The First Colorway, AT LEAST, Is Always One To Have. Agree Or Disagree?

    I don't get any of the new numbered releases soon as they come out. I just got the black/red 22s for $75. I'll wait it out a year and get the black 23sfor cheap also. These will move quick at first but JB has many, many more in the cut waiting to saturate the market with.
  5. cardinalsinmusic

    For those that need a Flight Club invite... (Sticky Please)

    For everybody on here asking for invites to Flight Club, save your breath and head on over to ebay and just get one from there. I myself was asking for aninvite over and over again and noone responded. Thanks "fellow NTers". (<-------sarcasm)
  6. cardinalsinmusic

    New Retro Blk/Red IV's - look plain wrong.

    Personally, I could give a sh!# about the little petty changes they made. I've been without a pair of these for about 7 years now and I'll take themhowever. These were my first pairs of J's ever back when they first came out in 89'. Copped them again in 99' and I'll be doing it again in08'...
  7. cardinalsinmusic

    Spizike COOL-GREY 2008 ????

    I'll be getting these to go along with the rest of my Spikes. Cool Grey on J's is like jelly on bread.
  8. cardinalsinmusic

    The future of Flight Club

    Invite please?
  9. cardinalsinmusic

    Exclusive Retro 3 Via Flight Club?

    I wasn't really trippin off the 15s, but if there's some 3's exclusive to Flight Club than that's reason for me to beg for an invite. I'mbeggin here somebody. Invite please??
  10. cardinalsinmusic

    Official White/Cement Spiz'ike Post!

    Got my joints. These are the hottest next to my True Blues and my Varsity Red Spiz'ikes. I slid the joints on and I'm steppin out to Arundel Mills toperpetrate like I had em for a while now.
  11. cardinalsinmusic

    Official Air Jordan XV Retro Post!

    I know it's probably super late but, can I get an invite?? Purty please?
  12. cardinalsinmusic

    **Official Air Jordan Aqua VIII 9-22 Post**

    So, what's the criteria for which shoes get there own 'Official...' thread, cause I haven't seen one of these in a long time. Is it only for popular releases? Mods favorites? Niketalk favorites? Bias much?
  13. cardinalsinmusic

    Top 5 *WORST* SB Dunks Of All Time

    Sheeit, you carazy. THem Papa Bears is super hot!!!
  14. cardinalsinmusic

    What A Week Pt. 2: Air Jordan Retro 4 Mars Motorsport Promos

    It's funny how all the hatin *** bammas come out the woodwork. The joints is hot and I wish I had em. My military blues are straight doo doo compared to those.
  15. cardinalsinmusic

    Summer time = Great Ebay Pick ups

    My dogs only get the crispiest covers. No used and abused $hi+. I might take some free joints though like if a relative or close friend hands em down. Only people I'm familiar with. You never know what somebody was doing in them shoes. Athletes feet. Dirty, grimy socks that haven't been...
  16. cardinalsinmusic

    P-Rod 2 Elephant Print? <no pics>

    Will these be in the regular stores like Sports Zones and Footlockers? Any stores in the D.C. area?
  17. cardinalsinmusic

    Do Mid Jordan XI Retro's Fit True 2 Size ?

    They run true to size unlike these southside 1s I got. 10.5 fit like 11s on them joints. They still pretty as hell though.
  18. cardinalsinmusic

    ::Official Regional Air Jordan I post 5/26/07::

    Does anybody on here have they own opinion? Or does everybody else follow suit?? My man at the beginning of the thread was like I'ma get these at the outlet when they cheaper. Next thing you know everybodys getting these at the outlet when they cheaper. Stop being getwits and do you...
  19. cardinalsinmusic

    ::Official Regional Air Jordan I post 5/26/07::

    And what does NDC means???
  20. cardinalsinmusic

    ::Official Regional Air Jordan I post 5/26/07::

    Is the D.C. area gettin the southside joints?? Cause if not then F em all!!!!
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