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  1. thetru704king

    Legit Check: Jordan 7 Cardinal

    Looks good to me just making sure. Local guy. He only wants $155 so kind of sounded fishy to me. But maybe these just dont resell very high. Listed as VNDS
  2. thetru704king

    Legit Check Playoff 12's

    Any help is greatly appreciated
  3. thetru704king


  4. thetru704king

    Legit Check: Olympic 7's

    Anothe guy that wants to trade for my Fire Red 5's: Never can be too sure! Any help is appreciated!!!
  5. thetru704king

    Legit Check 2012 Olympic 6's

    Only photo he sent so far. He wants to trade my fire red 5's for these. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks. Look real to me, but I want to be sure.
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