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  1. jloc1

    Any other places to get a legit check on shoes?

    It's like no one helps on legit checks on this forum like back in the day. Can y'all put me on to other sites I can get some help other than ISS? Sorry if this is the wrong place to put this.
  2. jloc1

    Legit Check Cement 4's
  3. jloc1

    Where to buy gold watches?

    I'm a realllll rookie when it comes to watches, don't really know about brands and pricing. But, I was looking for a yellow gold watch or also white gold under $200 if that's possible at all. Nice looking and some kind of quality since I'm assuming better ones are probably $500-$1,000+. Again I...
  4. jloc1

    Life's hard. Song recommendations?

    Sup guys. Been going through alot lately with family, school, money and just my-self in general with the choices I've been making. Any songs to help me through would be appreciated.
  5. jloc1

    Where can I get a Jordan jersey?

    Been looking everywhere online and can't find any. I'm looking for the home jersey. Also how much do they go for? And what's considered replica nowadays? I'm hearing Adidas is considered like a "replica" because their jerseys aren't stitched. I'm looking for a stitched one like how Nike did em...
  6. jloc1

    Netflix problem?

    So I have a Netflix account but I can't play movies because they want me to install Silverlight but it's only for Microsoft. I have a MacBook and I don't see an option for it. Anybody know how to get around this ?
  7. jloc1

    Looking to start making beats

    Just done some really brief research but some more guidance would help. So what I've figured is that I need a program, beat machine, also a keyboard. I was curious to what do sliders and knobs do? I was looking into purchasing the akai 26 to play around with until I learn more. Also is there...
  8. jloc1

    No cash back from eBates?

    I made a purchase last month on Macy's through eBates and didn't get any cash back credit. Emailed them saying it would be sent never got it. Just made a $140+ purchase on Amazon through eBates and still nothing. Why is that ? My eBates accounted is linked to my paypal which is linked to my...
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