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  1. fifaboy03

    im feeling so fly............. like a g6

    Cataracs production wassssup
  2. fifaboy03


    damn. mewtwo should've used recover.
  3. fifaboy03

    Stomach Growling Loudly in Class/Quiet Area unappreciation vol. Nah I didn't fart

    so true except replace the "have to dookie" part with "have to fart." imagine urself sitting in a real quiet lecture hallafter eating a few bean burritos from del taco. I'm sitting there trying to hold myself from farting aloud which is super difficult. Just one small moveand I was about to...
  4. fifaboy03

    LOL, LMAO, officially

    lmao these acronyms have been around for a while and its not gonna die out. LOLLERCOPTER
  5. fifaboy03

    Some funny Pokemon pictures

    haha i miss the pokemon era of my life lol
  6. fifaboy03

    World's Tallest Man...cottttttttttttt damnnnn 8'1

    $#!$ those cruches are probably taller than me.
  7. fifaboy03

    Alicia Keys is on 106 in all black everything vol... whateva

    she got that subtle "anti lil mama" piece on her wrist just in case
  8. fifaboy03

    So this chick sat down next to me right...

    lol dang ur pretty shallow dude. I was kind of like you in high school (im assuming u are in high school). I wouldn't be so much of a jerk, but at least bepolite. I am a pretty friendly dude, and trust me Karma can either be ur friend or a #%#+@ lol.
  9. fifaboy03

    [*]Lil Mama VS. Kanye Vol. Let the games Begin[*]

    lmao at the lil mama pics
  10. fifaboy03

    Taylor Swift Speaks; West Apologizes via Phone

    lmao that vid is funny. taylor swift is hot
  11. fifaboy03


    i finally rode a fixed gear this weekend and these things are so easy to speed in i dont get how u guys do it tho. I'm sketched out on going super fast and slowing down in time of an emergency or something. these things are beasts tho
  12. fifaboy03

    !!!! What the hell did Kanye West just do!!!?

    *+$? its all a matter of respect and common decency.
  13. fifaboy03

    !!!! What the hell did Kanye West just do!!!?

    It looked staged to me. Kanye is still a %$$+ tho
  14. fifaboy03

    People around UC Irvine Campus. helicopters wth?

    What?! At least it wasn't a random act of violence, but I am still saddened by the situation. RIP
  15. fifaboy03

    Top Ramen.

    lol i boil water and chicken broth, then boil the noodles, then put some spinach and some other random veggies (put some before putting in noodles depending onwhat i want to put in), and some already cooked shredded beef steak and then the powder and wait for it to cook.
  16. fifaboy03

    What yall think about the Jordan Hall Of Fame speech??

    i read the yahoo article and it made me picture him as a big douche. then i saw the speech on youtube. yahoo writer was exaggerating too much
  17. fifaboy03

    Lady Gaga Electrocuted!

    OMG! LMAO +%%
  18. fifaboy03

    [| -- You better WATCH who your talking about when your on the Phone (VIDEO) -- |]

    damn man was wishing reggie bush would run in and save the day
  19. fifaboy03

    BUILD YOUR OWN PC thread: w/ Video Tutorials (Vol. Post Your Setups)

    it seriously looks like a regular keyboard to me . if thats "old", what do new keyboards look like?
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