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  1. jmansmc23

    Sneakers 101 website

    Stumbled across this and saw a bunch of great prices. Anybody ever dealt with them?
  2. jmansmc23

    Need Advice on Car Situation....

    Ok I got into an accident this past Friday and was ran off the freeway by a drunk driver at 9am in the morning. The driver has no insurance, and it wasnt even his car. Anyways Im thankful to be alive and still have my health. My car (2006 Lexus GS300) was paid off and I had no car payment, but...
  3. jmansmc23

    One item per listing

  4. jmansmc23

    Leather Jacket suggestions.....?

    Ok NT im looking for some good quality BLACK leather jackets. Ive done my own research, now Im just looking for some other opinions and suggestions. Im not looking to spend over more than $500 so the Louis V and Gucci replies wont really help at all unless it makes me go , but any suggestions...
  5. jmansmc23

    Keri Hilson.....talented, but will she sell?

    Ok so we all know Ms. Hilson is beautiful, nice body, good personality, and has some decent songs under her belt. She works with two great producers (Timbo andPolow), but my question is will she be able to sell? She doesnt have the voice of Beyonce or Keyshia, but good producers and catchy hooks...
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