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  1. cor23ey

    Place to Sell (and Buy) "Dressing Better" Clothes, Shoes, ect. for Free

    What up NT? My logo design business is picking up and I thought I'd help out a client and hook up NT'ers The sites, where you can sell and buy dress clothes, shoes, ect.... in NT terms "dressing better" If you have some stuff you want to sell or promote without ebay fee's...
  2. cor23ey

    BEST Macbook Air CASE?

    Just got a 11" Macbook Air and wanted to see what some of you use?  I'm using this denim Incase until I find something better
  3. cor23ey

    Framing a giant poster?

    I bought a concert poster off eBay that's about 5' x 4'.  Where's the best place to frame it at? I'm not looking to pay over $200, but it looks like I might have to. 
  4. cor23ey

    Anyone Take Brain Supplements?

    I was browsing the web and someone recommended taking 5-HTP and L-Tyrosine.  Has anyone tried these or any others? 
  5. cor23ey

    Buying an iMac off Ebay?

    My Dad needs a new desktop computer and my Mom wants to get him a Mac only, because he always gets viruses  All he uses it for is email and facebook .. is it safe to buy an older model iMac off Ebay? I see some for $400+?
  6. cor23ey

    Return of Godzilla 2009?

    Don't know how to embed... Looks dope.
  7. cor23ey

    Anyone heard of Clearwire internet? Need new provider ASAP...

    Getting sick of our local internet provider and saw a clearwire kiosk in a best buy... Anyone have it? Is it good?
  8. cor23ey

    Are we living in the best or worse time period?

  9. cor23ey

    Best Over-Ear Headphones for under $200???

    Bought some Shures for $65 at Best Buy and they suck... Tried to search for some current reviews and couldn't find any new ones. Anyone have some recommendations for over-ear headphones under $200?
  10. cor23ey

    Advice selling 300+ items online? (clothing, shoes, accessories, ect.)

    Decided to be more minimalistic and sell off stuff I really don't wear or use. Any recommendations on how to sell tons of items online? New/like new... I.E. 40 pairs of shoes, 50 shirts, 30 dress shirts, 20 jeans, 10 dress pants, ect. I tooks pic's over the course of a month and now I'm...
  11. cor23ey

    How make Mac desktop folders small? (PIC)

    Like this?
  12. cor23ey

    The Game Concert Jan. 26th - Need 1 Main Floor Ticket !

    Can someone please help me find a main floor ticket to The Game concert on the 26th, thanks. PM me or hit me up at , thanks!
  13. cor23ey

    U of W Transfer Thursdays Open the 21st?

    Hey, im looking to transfer to U of W soon so I wanna go check it out. Is the Transfer Thursday open on the 21st of this month?
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