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  1. pins79

    Nike AM90 and AM1 Vintage pack

    I think people want the 1s to sell out cause it makes the sneaker appear more desirable and in return increases the hype, demand, price, etc of the sneaker. In fact, I had a friend tell me that I should return 1 pair of the 1s cause they didn't sell out and hence, they aren't as good as the...
  2. pins79

    Nike AM90 and AM1 Vintage pack

    These look awesome and the quality is definitely there. I also bought myself 3 pairs of the 1s and a pair of the 95s. My brothers and I are all the same size so I like to buy extras of shoes i really like for them. And I agree, the 1s look absolutely nothing like those pictures...
  3. pins79

    Official Air Jordan Retro I WHITE/RED/BLK Thread JAN 2013

    These are definitely more limited than what has been suggested a few pages back. In so cal, out of quite a few FTl I called, only HoH was getting them. Tried twitter RSVP, failed miserably even though I've had success in the recent past. I was trying to get 2 pairs, but now I'll be content...
  4. pins79


    Yup. These sold out at hoh Lakewood. I was told they had almost twice as many Kobe's as they did kds and lebrons there...something like 130 to 70 pairs. There was a raffle but I guess most people were too preoccupied with the breds and thunders cause only a few people entered raffle. Almost...
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