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  1. v8erman

    Official Sadderday Thread!! (All L's Welcome)

    Lol, maybe this thread wont go anywhere but some posts after the bred 1 losess gave me inspiration. Bring your pain, bring your salt. Lets talk it out. Every retro any given Sadderday gives an L.
  2. v8erman

    Air Jordan N/A OG 1 Heads Shoutout and Thanks (Not Release Related)

    First off to the mods, sorry for the long unrelated thread. Just wanted to be seen quick. Want to extend a sincere thanks to all who have walked the long path of N\A OG 1s this year.Thread to thread has been enjoyable with each release and making friends (online anyway) has been a great...
  3. v8erman

    Time To Leave Verizon Wireless

    Im out of contract and looking to bolt. Any ideas or opinions would be great. Maybe there is a thread.
  4. v8erman

    Colin Kaepernick Jordan Shopping

    Sorry if this was ever posted but saw it this morning and thought it was worth a look. Obviously dude got the funds but, hahaha no royals in that mess.
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